Shaking Out

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*Author’s note: Another cross-post.

well, that was my LYB’s idea, that we all hook up one last time.

Baby Sissy and my BIL had to head out tonight. the five of us have not been all together since christmas, and before that, it had been years. i know Momma really enjoyed seeing us yukking it up and zinging each other. we took turns, when she went in the house, sitting with her, because sometimes her legs don’t hold her up.


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Fight or Flight

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*Author’s note: This is a cross-post from my personal blog. I freewrite there, meaning no edits and no corrections. No capitals, either. Get over it. 😉

i’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called. that’s how i feel. like, at any moment a mutant squirrel with fangs and claws is going to fall from the tree and rip me to shreds.

have at it, i say.


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Endgame — a short update

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Although I started WordWebbing for business, I will be cross-posting some of my personal blog here. Not tonight — I am about as beat as a person can get.

Death is such a touchy subject for many people, but my mother and I have a unique relationship. We’re weird, quirky, irreverent and we consider ourselves two of the funniest bitches on the planet. We’ve talked about Death extensively, and we are cool. We are cool.

She’s the strongest person I have ever known. EVER. My first grandbaby, her first great-grandbaby, is due to be born in 44 days, but she won’t make it to that. However, her goal was to make it to the shower this Sunday, and that, friends and neighbors, she will make. She has willed it so. After the shower, she’s going home.

I told her — you’ve put up quite the fight, old woman. You’ve about wore the Grim Reaper out. I bet he goes home at night, grumpy and frazzled. I can see him walking in the door, and from the look on his face, the wife knows he’s had a bad day.

“Hi, Honey. Bad day?” she says.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He growls.

“Oh. Audrey again, huh?”

“I said — I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Gimme a beer.”

Heh. Momma found that hilarious.

Anyway. Very tired, and it’s not over yet. I will update soon — thanks to all for the good wishes and love pouring over us. I’m overwhelmed.


Because there needs to be more hugs.

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Hitting The Wall

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*Author’s note: Many of you are new readers to me, and I want to explain my spotty blogging habits which are not the norm. I have maintained a daily personal blog for over five years, and I am usually much better at keeping up and keeping on. However, I’m in the middle of a process that’s been ongoing for almost as long as I’ve been blogging, and when I started WordWebbing, it was intended as strictly business.

Still, I feel I have commitments that I need to honor, and for those who have been faithful here, I also feel I need to explain what’s been going on so you know I’m not slacking off, but trying to eat the Plate of Shit the Universe insists I eat. Therefore, I’m cross-posting an entry I wrote two days before I received a frantic call from my sister.

I’m having one of those emotional meltdown days, and I can only surmise it’s because I’m tired and I forgot to eat. Usually, even though I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have more control than that, but the stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up to me, I think.

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WOOF Contest — Top Five Picks

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From PlotDog Press I am pleased and proud to present the top five favorite blogs of the week ending 7/18/08:

Kimota: How To Become A Writer — The Harsh Reality

Annetta Ribken: Finding The Time To Write

Robert Stevenson: For improved writing, think visually…

Qu Grainne: Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind, Clear Desk…

Jennifer M. Scott (Flash Fiction/Serial Fiction): In Pursuit of Jack


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A Short Hiatus

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Please don’t think I forgot you, Dear Reader, or dropped the ball on my dropping habits. My momma is going through some severe health problems that must be taken care of, and I promise my regularly scheduled blogging habits will resume when the dust has settled.

All good thoughts are much appreciated, and all drops will be reciprocated.

Blessed be — please tell the people you love the most how much you do. It’s important.


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Interview With A Goddess Of Flash

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I am a flash fiction addict, and I’m not the only one. My favorite thing to receive in my mailbox every day is a tasty shot of flash fiction from Flashshot. Not only am I an avid reader, I’m also a Flashshooter. It is a fine publication, and in this busy life, those little bursts of fiction often stimulate conversation and occasionally, the Elusive Muse. The experience of submitting work has always been pleasant, due in no small part to Esther Schrader, editor-in-chief of Flashshot.

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Word To Your Mother

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Blogging has really become second nature to me. When I started, almost five years ago, I had no goal and no agenda. I was just beginning to seriously put words to paper, and two writers, whom I admire greatly, maintained blogs. I thought it was great discipline, a way to connect to others, and didn’t really think too much beyond that.

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