The Glamorous Life

Yeah. Well, that wouldn’t be freelancing.

Although I love it and I can’t see me doing anything else at this point, if you think writing and/or editing full-time is a glamorous job, let me put it to you straight.

You are outside your mind.

It takes Ballz of Steel. Endurance and stamina. A twisted sense of humor helps, and so does Mad Organizational Skillz. You must have discipline, and an endless supply of coffee.

And, if you happen to write fiction as well as non-fiction, you must be able to juggle many objects in the air. For me, I find it impossible to do both at the same time. It’s like a switch from the left brain cell to the right brain cell, and if I try to run both at the same time, I flip the breaker or blow the fuse. I try not to do that. It’s such a mess to clean up brain goo.

Feast or famine in the Freelance Universe, that seems to be one of the universal laws. Therefore, since lately I have had demands for my writerly services of a non-fiction type, all fiction (to include the last three chapters of Athena’s Promise and Flash Fiction Friday *sob*) have come to a screeching halt. So has Twittering (double *sob*!) and Facebooking. Priorities, yanno.

So, as I sit here with a pile of articles to write (thank ya Jeezuz, for the work, I really need it) in my pajamas after being up all night with the pukkies, the word “glamorous” is not even in my vocabulary. Deadlines will be met No Matter What, money will exchange hands, bills will be paid and hopefully, at some point, I’ll be able to dive into my fiction world once again.

In the meantime, I’m rolling in words like a pig wallows in mud, and I’m just as happy. I never was the glamorous type.



Kel Spencer – The Warrior Poet

Kel Spencer calls himself the “Warrior Poet” but that’s not what sets him apart from other artists.

Kel Spencer has worked with such big names as Will Smith, Wyclef John, Mary J. Blige, and MC Lyte – but that’s not what sets him apart from other artists, either. He’s been dubbed “The best rapper you’ve never heard of” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and “The Hip Hop Moses”. This definitely puts him head and shoulders above a lot of rappers, but it’s not the only thing.

There are several things that set Kel apart from other rap artists. Number one among them is that he listens. What he has heard has inspired him to create a novelty album, “Salon Stories”, due to drop October 20th. It’s a collection of music inspired by the stories he’s heard over the years as a sympathetic and empathetic friend to the women in his life who would come to him with questions about the nature of guys and why things haven’t always worked out. He knows what women want, he says, and he hopes to inspire women to make better choices for better relationships.

“I’ve always been the guy girls came to with questions,” he says. “They were asking the same questions, over and over, questions like why doesn’t he call me, or why is he acting the fool? I’m a dude, I see it from both sides, and I’d tell them the truth, try to bridge that gap.”

In Kel’s opinion, today’s crumbling society can be attributed to one thing – the demise of the family unit. He says the general message he means to get across to both men and women with “Salon Stories” is to foster success in a committed relationship, and it all boils down to one simple idea: pay more attention to each other. He freely shares his “Spencerisms” on Twitter, in which he dispenses nuggets of wisdom from his own experiences and asks provocative questions of his followers to make them think and respond.

“In my opinion,” he says, “Rap is a storytelling device that hasn’t been utilized to its greatest potential.”

Which brings us to another thing that sets Kel Spencer apart from other artists. He owns an indie record label (3rd Power Music Group), and he’s quite familiar with the challenges any indie artist faces, whether in print or in music, and namely, that’s marketing and reaching an audience. Not only is he on the radio on a regular basis, dispensing his wisdom, but he’s all over the social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, iLike, and YouTube. Over half a million people are followers of Kel, due to a savvy marketing strategy and his ability to appeal to the “salon crowd”.

But that’s not all. While many artists have established a presence on the internet social scene, Kel actually interacts with his fans, keeps in touch, and handles much of the action himself. He does have a small staff to help him, but the majority of the work he takes on himself.

“Every blogger counts,” he says, “every fan, every person.” It’s that kind of personal philosophy and work ethic that makes Kel Spencer unique. He believes in practicing what you preach, and has a social conscience and a need to make a difference, make his world a better place through his extraordinary storytelling talent.

Kel Spencer may be the best rapper you’ve never heard of – but you’re going to hear a lot about this talented artist in the days to come.

Kel’s Free sampler!

Salon Stories Listening Party, Episode 1

Salon Stories Listening Party, Episode 2

Salon Stories Listening Party, Episode 3

Follow Kel on Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook.


You Can Call Me Al – Friday Flash Fiction

This has been a crazy-insane work week. I’m not complaining, but it really has cut down on fiction time and I HATE that.

Sometimes, as we all know too well, it’s not the work that interferes but the muse. She has this annoying habit of sticking her nose in when you’re most involved in other things, then taking off for parts unknown when you need her most. Here is a conversation I had with my muse. It’s a love/hate thing we have going on. Heh. Yeah, her name is Al. Don’t ask.

Rotten bitch.

Say what?

You heard me. I didn’t stutter. Where the hell have you been?

Hey, I have a life. You think you’re the only one in this relationship? You don’t tell me where and when to go.

I have needs! Needs that you don’t seem to care about!

So what? I have needs too, and you’ve been totally ignorant of that fact.

Like what? You never say anything, how am I supposed to know what your needs are if you never say anything? You’re so frustrating.

Like, you never feed me anything but junk, and then complain because I’m out of shape. You don’t take me anywhere, we don’t do anything – I get no exercise. You expect me to do all the work then sit around and whine because you don’t think I’m living up to my end of the bargain. I’m sick of it.

That doesn’t tell me where the hell you’ve been. You’ve been gone for *weeks*, not even a phone call , an email, or even a damned postcard. People are starting to talk.

I couldn’t care less what other people say. You used to think that was part of my charm.

Again, you sidestep the issue! Where have you been?? Please tell me you haven’t been…

I don’t answer to you or anyone else. Where I’ve been is none of your business – I came back, didn’t I?

Yeah, but for how long? And for what? To bitch at me for my shortcomings, most of which I know only too well? What kind of help is that?

There you go again, whining, always whining.

Roll your eyes at me one more time….

And what? You need me. Aww, don’t cry. Come here, let me dry those tears. Maybe we can work something out.

I’ve missed you.

Well, I’ve missed you too. That’s why I’ve come back. No one executes my suggestions like you do. Now, come here and sit on my lap and let me whisper in your ear….