And The Universe Has Something To Say

Just a head’s up — this website will be down from 6AM to 6PM on Saturday, February 25 due to server maintenance, so don’t panic! I have not been assassinated by my cat, or eaten by zombies. Carry on.

I actually have so many things to blog  about and time, once again, has gotten away from me. Actually, I’ve stopped chasing it. It’s too fast for me in spite of the fact I’ve been working out and trying to build up my stamina.

Yes, you read that correctly. FAT LADY IN THE GYM!!

Oh yeah. Endorphin heaven. Who knew??

I’ve never been a big exercise fan. In fact, I was firmly convinced endorphins were an urban legend, since all my former attempts at exercise never produced a single endorphin that I could tell. I thought it was all a bunch of horseshit.

I’m happy to say I believe I have actually met an endorphin, and we are getting along pretty well. Ever since I read an article about how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting on your ass at a desk for more than six hours at a time (at which I laughed hysterically, since I can’t remember a day that short for me) will kill you quicker than a zombie attack, I knew I had to make a change so I don’t die before finishing my trilogy.

Hell no! Totally not ready for this yet. Besides, it looks like Wendigo territory. *SHUDDER*

Okay, that picture just freaked me out. I may need a moment. (Bonus points if you get the reference.)

Now, I’m not totally morbid, but sometimes the Universe likes to poke me, and poke me hard when trying to get a message across. (Not that I’m stubborn or anything. Shut up, you in the back!) There have been several recent events which have inspired me to try to take better care of myself.

One is this moving post from Maxwell Cynn. I didn’t really know Max — he was a friend of a mutual friend — but in the way of the writer’s world, I knew OF him. I read this post and just bawled my eyes out. You see, even though I have been through some bad times myself (oh, let me count the ways, hallelujah!) I have never had to face this and I’m not sure I could with the strength, grace, and courage of this man and his son.

In conversation with Eden, our mutual friend, we were discussing how much the story had touched us and what we could do to help. I mentioned a Kickstarter campaign, and Eden grabbed that ball with all the energy and gusto of a Titan, organizing indie authors to contribute books and services…and the response of the indie community was phenomenal.

I don’t know many people who have not been impacted by cancer in one way or another. I lost my momma to inflammatory breast cancer, had a scare of my own once upon a time, and have many friends who have battled this awful scourge. I know economic times are tight, but even if you can’t donate, if you could spread the word on your own social media sites, that’s a big help. I know Joshua and Max appreciate every good wish you can send their way. It counts, believe me. It really, really counts.

Another event which encouraged me to take a look at my own mortality was the passing of Samuel V. Kennedy III. I grew up in Auburn, and my mother was very active in the community theater group Sam had founded. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are because of this group. My mother also worked with Sam at the Citizen, the local newspaper. It was quite a shock to hear of his passing; I remember him as a warm and very generous man. I like to think he and my mother are Out There somewhere arguing over a casting call :*)

I guess the point of this post is a reminder to enjoy every minute you have, appreciate those whom you love and who love you in return, and don’t let them bury you in Wendigo land.

Works for me.


2 thoughts on “And The Universe Has Something To Say

  1. Oh honey, you’re the best! Thanks for your great spin on life and all its craziness. If it were only easy and fun, I guess we wouldn’t have anything to write about!

    I know you’re doing things better for your own health, and it doesn’t have to be done immediately. Just being aware of making the change AND moving forward with it is a huge step. You must remain good to yourself – that’s the main thing. Killing yourself on a treadmill is not the answer, no matter what the endorphins say!

    Thanks for your wonderful endorsement for Joshua and Max’s campaign, and for your donations — you have a kind, and generous heart.

    No Wendigo for you, Netta, no worries.


    • Don’t worry, Eden. Trust me when I tell you I have to be dragged to the gym even with the endorphins as a reward. 🙂

      And you’re right — life isn’t meant to be all kitties and rainbows, for sure, but some of the lessons are a little hard to swallow. Still, as long as I can laugh I can deal with it. Humor and wonderful friends and family — yeah.

      Love you, lady, and thanks for protecting me from the Wendigo. I was really worried about that 😉


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