Are You A Naked Blogger? Flash Me.

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Not literally — that would fall under “Too Much Information,” and I just met you… I mean, what is your purpose in blogging?

I started off some five years ago, brand new to blogging. I followed two fellow writers to a private forum, hidden from the search engines, and was hooked through the bag by the second entry. I have blogged daily, for the most part, for the better portion of those five years.

That’s a lot of words.

Blogging has change a lot since then. My purpose for my personal journal is just that — personal. I feel very strongly, especially since the recent passing of my momma, that blogging is more than just yechhing up the day’s frustrations, trumphs, and boring minutae of the life of a 21st century woman trying to navigate the pitfalls and peaks of her life. My momma blogged for a couple of years, and I can’t tell  you what comfort I’ve been able to take from this, and with a grandbaby imminent, I hope the people I leave behind when the time comes, can find the comfort I’ve been afforded.

I’m the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve, and my blogging is no different. When I started WordWebbing, I intended it as a showcase for my small successes, to document my struggles as an aspiring writer, and to pass along to others starting out the things I’ve learned along the way. Still personal, but more geared toward the professional.

I’ve come to realize in that respect I’m a dismal failure. Hopefully, my goals here at WW will still be met in spite of, or maybe because of, my inability to keep my emotions to myself. After all, isn’t the job of a writer to chronicle the experience of life, love, and the persuit of the perfect chocolate?

To that end, I’m launching Friday Flash Fiction. It’s pretty simple, really. I’ll post some inspiration — I won’t call it a prompt, although you’re welcome to take it as such. A quote, a photo, a word, a phrase — and then you and I will write a flash fiction piece, 500 words or less. Hey, if you go over, I won’t tell. Post your link to your flash piece in the comments, and I’ll go check you out. On Monday, I’ll post a couple of suggestions for markets, based on the stories I’ve read.

Sound like a plan?

My fellow goddess has offered to design a spiffy little badge, and if you participate, feel free to gank it and use it. A link back is appreciated, but not necessary. At some point, if I can figure out how (gods rot WordPress, gods rot their eyeballs) to tweak out my sidebar, I’ll even post a permanent link to those most active.  If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding improvement of the process, feel free to post those, as well.

Let’s get it on!

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