Booty and Old Age

Booty and Old Age

I think I’m getting old.

This doesn’t really make me as sad as you might think.

Case in point: I just watched the new J Lo video, “Booty”. There goes four minutes of my life I’ll never get back, but hey. That’s on me. Horror of horrors, there’s even a version featuring some other “artists”, a couple with famous big booties. Whatevs.

First of all, I will readily admit I’m a pop music junkie. Can’t help it. I love all types of music, and that includes such gems as Spirit in the Sky and The Monkees. I also love me some Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men. I even love me some Sir Mix A Lot.

I have playlists of nothing but mindless dance tunes, hits from every decade, the blues, rockabilly, classical–and that’s only the tip of the iceberg–I have to stop there or I could be here all day. I love music, period. Sometimes it speaks when I cannot.

I love it all.
I love it all.

But the latest by Lopez? Yeah. Not so much.

I really felt my age when the first thought popping into my head was, “I wonder what her kids will think of this video?” I KNOW! She has a boy and a girl, right? Jeezum, what a message she’s sending them both. I, for one, would not want to see my mother, at any age, bending over and showing the world everything but Jesus and the Apostles. Just saying. Not a picture I want in my head. And not to be a real bitch, but the woman is FORTY-FIVE years old. When is she going to outgrow the clubbing persona?

And be crabby and old, LIKE THE REST OF US.
And be crabby and old, LIKE THE REST OF US.

Okay, I might be a teensy bit jealous of that bod. It is slammin’, I’ll give it to Jenny from the Block. But come on, now. Girl, you are not twenty any more. Are you really still grabbing men from the dance floor and giving him what he asked for? Do you want your daughter to do this? It sounds like an interesting way to catch a social disease at the very least.

There’s nothing to the lyrics but a lot of ass. That would be all right if the music carried the lyrics, but such is not the case. So you really have a lose/lose situation here.

I’m not saying you have to act a certain way when you reach your fourth decade, or that you have to dress a certain way, either. To each their own. I’m all for expressing your sexuality any way you feel is necessary to your happiness. Still, it feels like to me this is the video of a woman who is desperate to hold on to the remnants of her twenties and that’s just sad, to me. Especially since the music sucks. I bet she thanks the Universe for autotune every day of her life.

What do you think? Am I just a crabby old lady? Let me have it.

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6 thoughts on “Booty and Old Age

  1. Yes. You are a crabby old lady. Welcome to the club!

    I agree with every point you’ve made, including being slightly jealous of the body that is J-Lo, but that’s really all there is to her, isn’t there? A shaking butt taking up space. I am also Queen of the Eclectic Playlist, but I don’t have a single Jennifer Lopez tune among the thousands – not a one.

    • I don’t either, Les. And at least I’m in good company. I suppose we’d both have bodies like J-Lo had we the same resources. But we both have something she doesn’t–a winning personality 🙂

  2. Call me a crabby old cow, but I agree. I’m mystified by women my age (40-something) who still dress like they are 20-something. And, for the record, I can still wear the same size I wore when I was 18. Yes, really. I’ve got more crow’s feet and gray hair, but my body is not much different (other than it hurts way way more) than it was twenty years ago.

    I can wear those clothes, but I choose not to because….because….I am not twenty-something any more. I don’t need the world to see my butt cheeks (surely you’ve seen my rants about short-shorts being the only thing available, so I’ll not go there in this forum) because either folks like me for my mind and personality, or they don’t. Through my travels and trials, I’ve realized one of life’s great truths. The key to my happiness is not a hard dick. Either I can make things all right myself, or I can’t. It ain’t nobody’s circus but mine.

    • The only thing I can wear that I wore in my 20s are earrings. But I’m okay with that. Heh.

      I think you hit it on the head with the hard dick thing. What else could be behind it? I’m sure money making is in the mix, but the woman has enough money, I would think. I just keep picturing the look on her son’s face. And her daughter’s. I know mine would be disgusted and with good reason.

      Thanks ladies, for stopping by and commenting! We can all be crabby together \O/. Maybe we should get matching jackets. Heh.

  3. Nope, not crabby in my book. I’m right around J Lo’s age, and there isn’t enough money in the world to make me do something like that. Plus, I think my kids would run away and denounce my existence. (Although J Lo’s kids probably use the profits to buy ridiculously expensive sports cars.)

    What I truly don’t understand is how all these years of promoting women being strong and capable, and this woman is still promoting the idea of being worth something because guys want to look at your booty. Seriously? This is not a good message for gals.

    • Totally agree, Julie. And not a good message for guys, either. I don’t grok. I’m assuming she has some kind of mental capacity; some kind of talent–I know that’s up for debate–so why does she think she has to peddle her ass like this? Beyond my thinking, for sure. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in 🙂

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