Breaking News Regarding My Secret Crush, "The Painted Man"

Okay, maybe not-so-secret. If you’ve read me for any length of time, you’re already aware of my un-embarrassed gushing over this stellar novel. In case you missed it, you can see the review of The Painted Man here and my interview with Peat here. If that’s not enough, check out my fangirl squee.

Are we caught up? Good. Because there’s more.

Check it out.

(I’m not a “told you so” type of person. But I believe when I read this the first time I advised Peat to hold out for merchandising rights when the book was optioned for a movie — and this was three or four years ago. Heh. OH – and I want an Arlen doll!)

Can you say FABULOUS?? I’m SO EXCITED!!!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News Regarding My Secret Crush, "The Painted Man"

  1. Well, I moseyed over to your review, and stopped reading after the first third.

    Which means you’ve won, because I don’t want to know any more about this until I’m reading it for myself 😉 It’s a wicked concept, and I’ll definitely be getting hold of it before the Summer’s done!

    Alex Mastersons last blog post..Council Wrasslin’

    • Alex, you don’t ever have to worry about my reviews. No spoilers, ever. I hate them, and I would never spoil it for anyone like that.

      You won’t be sorry. It’s a fantastic book, and I know you’ll love it. 🙂

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