Creepfest Blog Hop and the Meaning of Horror

Tomorrow starts the Creepfest Blog Hop and I really have been looking forward to this.

But Netta, you may say. Why are you so excited about a Creepfest? You’re not a horror writer.

Well, it depends on how you define “horror”.

For the record, although I know labels are necessary in the literary world, it’s mostly for marketing purposes. If you can’t put a label to your work, how are you supposed to market it properly? You need to hit your targeted audience, and if you can’t figure out what you’re writing, how is your audience supposed to figure it out?

Another factor is the blurring of genre lines. It’s not uncommon to find paranormal, sci-fi, horror, romantic, or literary elements all contained within the same book or story. And that’s not a bad thing.

But for the sake of argument, let’s talk strictly horror.

Yes! This is an ALMOST EMPTY coffee pot! Totally horrible, but there are even MORE horrible things. I think.

Many people are introduced to horror through high school reading of authors like Poe, Shelley, Stoker, or Washington Irving (“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”). Still others have explored horror through authors like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Robert Bloch…the list is long and impressive. Horror as a genre has quite a distinctive history and showcases some of the finest writing around. In other words, there is gold in them there stories, people. Please don’t make the mistake of pigeon-holeing a writer because they may have written a dark story or two.

The purpose of writing a story is to elicit a response from the reader. Horror certainly serves this purpose. It plays on the reader’s innermost fears, and if done properly, will make an impression long after the last page is turned. Remember Poe’s “Telltale Heart”? I bet you do, even if the last time you read that story was in high school English class. Horror writing can showcase the human condition in a infinite number of ways. How people react in dire circumstances — whether it’s zombies, a serial killer, or a monster — really reveals true character.

However, horror isn’t always a monster or a crazed killer. Take Poe’s story. There’s no monster (unless you count the main character who buried a heart beneath the floorboards). The horror of that story, in my opinion, is the madness experienced by the protagonist, and how his crime ate away at his mind until he finally collapses into insanity.

Although Stephen King has been classified as a “horror” writer, if you read a cross section of his work you’ll find horror elements, true, but he writes a lot more than that. It’s not necessarily the “slash and gore” or supernatural horror which has permeated the genre that Sai King produces, either. For instance, I consider “Apt Pupil” one of THE most horrifying stories I have ever read, and there isn’t one supernatural element in it. No slash and gore. But amazingly horrible, all the same.

Of course, there's THIS, too. *SHUDDER*

So what is horror? It can be things that go bump in the night and slither in the dark corners. It can be the vampire stalking the streets looking for the next victim, the ghost lurking in the shadows waiting to eat your soul, or it can be the nice man living next door with a refrigerator full of dismembered body parts. But the real core of horror is fear, and human fears are as varied as the humans themselves. In other words, what scares you may not scare me at all, and vice-versa. And this is why I’m so excited about Creepfest.

During the next twelve days, you will find a wide variety of writers who explore the darker side. Some writers are considered strictly “horror”, and others, like myself, who cross the boundaries into other genres such as dark fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal shenanigans, and other sub-genres. You’ll find monsters, sure. But you’ll also find a lot of other things, things like humanized zombies, monsters who aren’t what they appear, psychological horrors, emotional and spiritual horrors which can’t be destroyed with a silver bullet or a stake to the heart, because the horror may actually live inside you. You may even find funny horror; horrors that may surprise you and even better, affect you. Isn’t that the point of a good story?

So, I encourage you to visit during the days of Creepfest, because I am not only going to introduce you to some really great writers through interviews but even better, through excerpts from their work. I’m going to include some work of my own you may not have seen plus an excerpt from “Athena’s Promise”. I’d like you to keep an open mind, and give these writers a chance to move you. Every day will be something different, something tasty. And to further encourage you to broaden your horizons, I’m going to run a sweepstakes.

Here’s the deal: At the end of the Blog Hop, on December 24th, I will give away twelve e-copies of “Athena’s Promise”, one for every day of Creepfest. But that’s not all! I will also give away one autographed print copy. WAIT! One more thing — I’m so excited about Creepfest, I will also give away one Amazon gift card in the amount of $20!

Since this is a sweepstakes and not a contest, entering is easy-peasy, and you can enter as many times as you like. Here’s how:

Leave a comment on any (or all) blog posts here during Creepfest.

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That’s it. You’ll get one entry apiece for each action – up to 17 entries if you do each of these things! Damn! I will tally the results from all twelve days and choose the winners via Make sure you leave a comment that lets me know what you did and include a working email address so I can make an accurate count and contact you if you win.

Spread the word! The more the merrier 🙂


MUAHAHAHA! Come with me to the dark side!

Woohooo! “Athena’s Promise” In Print!

Okay, so the Kindle edition of “Athena’s Promise” has been available since October 28th, right? And it’s gotten some amazing reviews, for which I am very grateful and overjoyed to see.

Athena’s Promise held my interest from the cover page to the end page. Pallas, the central character, rocks!!! ~Denise Battista

This book was funny, sassy, pro-woman, suspenseful, funny, and much more. I just had to find out what was on the next page until it was finished. ~B. Decker

I devoured this book! The heroine is fun, sassy and kick-butt with an attitude that doesn’t quit. The author has a unique voice, full of wit and snap. Her characters and setting are distinctive. ~Laura Eno

Ribken’s writing is very strong, full of snarking sarcasm that made me snort and giggle while tearing my heart out with Pallas’ need to protect the vulnerable ones she calls friends. ~Patti Larsen


But like any true bibliophile, the reality doesn’t hit until I have a physical copy in my hands. To wit:


How pretty is THAT?? I just about peed my britches when the UPS guy pulled up and unloaded. “They’re heavy,” he said.

“Not a problem,” said I, as I toted the box practically one-handed. Okay, it really took two hands, a lot of grunting, and there may have been sweat involved, but work with me here.

So. Excited!

If you want an autographed copy, I still have a few left from the pre-ordering process. You can snag one by following this button right here:

Athena’s Promise Autographed

The price is $11.99 plus S&H, a dollar off the price once it goes live on Amazon. This would make a great Christmas present to the urban fantasy lover on your list!

Probably not as great as this. But close! And a lot cheaper!

The first two chapters and part of the third are available to sample on Amazon if you want an idea of what you’re getting. Go ahead and take a look, and while you’re there, if you like what you read please hit the “Like” button on the page (it helps with rankings so people can find the book). Every little bit helps 🙂

I am so grateful for all the support and the great reception. There’s even a bonus first chapter included of the next in the series, “Athena’s Chains”, which I hope to release in Spring 2012, the gods willing and the creek don’t rise.


You make me so happy! *MUAH*

First Chapter of “Athena’s Promise” and a Cover Reveal!

Just for you, here is the print cover for “Athena’s Promise” and the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget, you can pre-order autographed copies here. The official launch of the e-version is scheduled for Friday, October 28th. Thanks for all your support! *MUAH*!

Chapter One

Hearing the phone ring a full hour before the start of my shift was usually a sure sign the day was going to go right down the toilet. Living on site in a hotel as the front desk manager has its perks, but being on call 24/7 sure wasn’t one of them. I guess I should have been used to it, but that didn’t mean I hated it any less.

Of course, since the accident at Atlantis some twenty years ago, opening the Portal and allowing just any creature to cross over, calls like this were all too common. What awaited me this morning? A pissed- off centaur, a drunk and disorderly minor league wizard, what? Working in a hotel located on the edge of Zombietown sure made for interesting guests. Not to mention the staff.

I rolled over in the king-sized bed, one of my favorite perks, and picked up the receiver. Before I even lifted it to my ear I heard Lilah, the pixie working two night shifts a week, screeching in her twangy voice. Oh lord, it’s gonna be a long day, I thought, and I don’t even have my eyes open yet.

“Miz Pallas! I swear to all the Gods, you gotta get down here. I can’t get this stupid horse – yes, I just called you a horse! – to understand if he checks in this early he has to pay for two nights. –Don’t you shit on this floor mister, you just better not!”

Well, that popped my eyes open in a hurry. I knew exactly the target of Lilah’s screeching .

I sat up in bed. “Lilah! Lilah, I know you’re upset but calm down. You can’t talk to a guest like that, not even Cedric. Tell him to hang on; I’ll be there in ten minutes. You’d better hope Medusa doesn’t hear you from the back. Go to the laundry room if you have to and cool off.” I loved Lilah, I really did. She was a cute little thing, brown and sparkly with eyes shaped like almonds, but those damned pixies were so high strung!

She finally started to settle down. “Oh, oh, oh! I’m sorry Miz Pallas, sorry. Sorry. You’re coming down, right?” I heard her say, “Oh, now you gonna deal with Miz Pallas! How you like that?” and I couldn’t quite suppress my grin. I hated it when Lilah got upset, although most of it was just pixie dramatics, but Cedric could be a handful. I knew from pulling too many double shifts the night shift around here could get really hairy. And of course, no one wanted to deal with a pissed-off Medusa. That was strictly my job.

“I can’t get dressed if you keep me on the phone. Just hang up and bug out. I’m on my way. Cedric can leave or wait till I get there; I don’t care what he does.” I hung up and contemplated for the thousandth time why I was still at this job after three years of dealing with “critters” – the crossovers from every fable, folklore tale, myth, and legend you can think of. I must be crazy.

I sighed and scrambled into my uniform of the day – a navy blue polo and a pair of khakis. Sneakers, my red hair pulled into a hasty ponytail, and I booked out the door. Hey, with the running around I did, it didn’t pay to be girly. I just usually ended up sweating off the makeup and perfume. Not to mention the days when I was so frazzled my hair resembled Medusa’s. I cleaned up pretty well, I’ve been told, but this job was not for sissies.

I headed for the elevator. My suite was on the third floor, at the far end of the hallway. When I first started working here at the Traveler’s Haven, I made the mistake of taking a room on the first floor as close to the lobby as I could get. Big mistake. On the first floor everyone thought nothing of just walking over and knocking on my door at all hours of the day and night. On the third floor I could take the back stairs and no one knew my business, even though living on property was like living in a fish bowl. Privacy could be a problem.

With Cedric kicking up a fuss, I couldn’t even stop off at the little breakfast café to grab my daily cup of coffee, and that pissed me off. The food served there was gross, but I guess three years of anything would seem gross. However, the coffee was excellent and sometimes it was the only thing to get me though the day. I nodded to Luke, the breakfast host, on my way by. He was a new employee, hired by Medusa, and I had yet to become well-acquainted with him, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. Still, I’d been around the block enough times to know looks can be deceiving.

Cedric didn’t see me at first. He was busy feeling up the blond (Skank Number One) while the brunette (Skank Number Two) swayed back and forth on her feet and tried to snatch at Cedric’s tail. I sniffed the air as I approached the front desk, and thankfully I didn’t smell anything other than the odor of horseflesh and the perfume of the two floozies twined around Cedric. I saw no sign of Lilah – a good thing.

I sure wasn’t happy to see this bunch in my lobby. The hotel was at the edge of Zombietown, it’s true, and we received a lot of business from the local strip clubs and bars. But Medusa and I worked really hard to cultivate a better clientele than inhabited the hotel here when we first took over. The owners, three gnome brothers, didn’t seem to care where the money came from as long as it kept coming, but in the meantime guests like Cedric gave the “normal” clientele the wrong impression of our place, an impression we were trying to change.

“Cedric, what’s going on?” I pasted the “Guest Service” smile on my face, hiding my irritation at being called out early for this. I leaned against the front desk and crossed my arms. Oh, he appeared in fine form. From what I understood, centaurs were usually not so ostentatious, but Cedric seemed to be an exception to the rule. His light brown hair and mane were plaited with ribbons of all colors; sparkling bling around his neck, on his fingers, around his wrists. I knew his stuff wasn’t genuine, or he’d be staying at a much nicer place than this. The ice in his ears might have been real, but the rest of it was strictly for show. His clear blue hooves, probably the only thing I found attractive on the douchebag, were drilled out and embedded with more fake bling, ruining, in my opinion, his best feature.

A handsome critter, Cedric, but a player all the way. Actually, I was surprised he only had two females with him. Those girls just can’t seem to resist Cedric’s uh…other assets. I’m sure I don’t have to draw a picture.

“Ah, Miss Pallas! Finally some competence here.” Cedric’s deep voice rumbled as he untangled himself from Skank Number One to reach for my hand, dropping what I’m sure he thought of as a charming kiss on the back of it. To me, it was disgusting. His tail switched back and forth in agitation.

“Cedric, that’s not fair and you know it. How many times have you stayed with us?” I surreptitiously wiped the back of my hand on the side of my pants. See? That’s why I didn’t dress up. “You know the policy. Check-in is at three o’clock. You check in this early, you have to pay for two nights; check-out is tomorrow at eleven. I’ve explained this to you before.”

Cedric stomped a hoof, barely missing Skank Number Two. “Come on, Pallas, it’s not fair. You mean to tell me if I check in right now I have to check out at eleven or pay for two nights?” His tail switching stepped up a notch. I noticed he dropped the “Miss”. He stomped his hoof again, and I started to do a slow burn. “That sucks. I probably won’t even stay until tomorrow. ” He snorted and pushed away the loving arms of Skank Number One, who pouted and promptly sat down on the tile floor and thanks to her short skirt, I saw everything but Jesus. This was getting out of hand, and in a hurry.

“Cedric, it’s the policy and you know it. I can check you in right now, but if you pay for one night you’re checking out at eleven. Period.” My patience ran out. “It’s not my policy, it’s hotel policy, and I’m not jeopardizing my job for you. Pay or go. I don’t care which, just make up your mind.” I had to get this asshole and his two uh…companions out of the lobby before respectable people started showing up.

I walked right up to him and put my hands on my hips. I might have been a foot and a half shorter than this critter, but you bet I had a bigger attitude. “You can quit switching your tail, because I swear to the Gods if you shit on my lobby floor you’re banned for life. Now, do you want the room or not? Because I’m not in the mood to stand here and argue with you one more minute.” I stared him straight in the eyes, and he backed down, just like I knew he would.

He reached for Skank Number Two, and almost stepped on Skank Number One. “All right, all right. Gimme the room until tomorrow.” I heard him complaining and mumbling as I made my way around the long desk to the computer terminal to check him in, but that was okay. I loved it when they called me a bitch behind my back. Didn’t bother me in the least.

I checked him in and charged him top dollar, oh yes I did.
As soon as Cedric and his lovlies cleared the lobby, Lilah came flitting out of her hidey-hole.

“Miz Pallas, I’m sorry I called you early, I truly am.” She giggled into her tiny hands. “You sure gave him what for, and he sure had it coming.”

I stapled the paperwork together and threw it in the “in” basket. “Lilah, you can’t talk to guests that way and you know it. I know Cedric is an asswipe, but he’s a guest. Sometimes, you just have to grin and take it.” I sighed, because six in the morning was too early to lecture, and I needed some caffeine. Like, right now.

Lilah nodded as if she actually cared, and I said, “I’m getting some coffee. Might as well finish up your shift paperwork, girl, and you can leave early.” She brightened and glittered. I loved it when pixies did that, you know, got all glittery-like? It happened when they’re happy, and it was really cool to watch. This makes pixies dangerous to most people, because humans will go above and beyond to make a pixie happy just for the sparkle. This, in turn, makes pixies the most spoiled bunch of brats you’ll ever meet, but I didn’t take any shit from them. Lilah knew it and was smart enough not to push me past my limit. That would be a very bad thing for all involved. Good thing I had such a sweet temperament.

I made straight for the breakfast café. It wasn’t much, really – basic stuff like fruit juice, pastries, cereal and the like. The food sucked to me, but the coffee was fabulous. Critters could request special items, like roe eggs for the merepeople (mermaids were popular at the strip joints nearby and stayed here often) or protein shakes for the undead. I tried not to think about those items.

Luke came out of the kitchen with a load of cinnamon rolls. When I nodded, he smiled. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of him. He seemed charming enough; he showed up every day on time; he did his job well. Cute, I guess. Tall, shaggy brown hair he kept in a neat pony tail, brown eyes. Medusa hired him as Breakfast Host without any input from me, not our standard operating procedure. But, whatever.

“Morning, Pallas. Coffee’s fresh. Want a roll?” He breezed over to the warming station and started filling it up with cinnamon rolls. After smelling them every single day for the last three years, the aroma made me want to barf. Copiously.
“Uh, no. Thanks anyway. I just need caffeine.” I walked back to the small kitchen to grab my oversized caffeinator – I didn’t mess around. It held about a half a pot of coffee. No matter how quiet the day began, the joint started jumping around check-out time and I never knew what was going to happen.

Perky was not my thing in the morning, especially when I had to come on an hour early. The staff knew it, and they walked careful. Even Luke, new to this gig, knew that much and kept his mouth shut, which told me he might be smarter than he looks.

After filling up my tank of coffee, I walked around to the back of the front desk to my tiny corner of heaven. Medusa occupied the back office, and rarely came out front. There’s a reason. She had this unfortunate handicap, you see. When riled, she had a tendency to turn people to stone. Therefore, the bulk of the front desk duties fell to me. We got along fine – I didn’t have a problem with her, I was still standing, and I ran interference. The Gnome Brothers had a love/hate relationship with her, and with me…well, I despised the little fuckers and if it wasn’t so illegal I’d love to see her turn them into nothing more than a lump of rocks. But, I digress.

I sat down at my corner, just a space carved out big enough to do a little paperwork but not much more. The security monitor, mounted over my head, and the monstrosity of a copy machine constructed sometime around when dinosaurs roamed the earth made for a tight space. A night window, seldom used, helped me keep an eye on everything. Or try to, anyway.

Looking over the schedule for the housekeeping staff, I saw Miss Esther, the head housekeeper, had four zombies on for today. That’ll work, I mused – it’s a slow day and they should be done by one o’clock, saving on payroll. Those little gnome brothers were always carping about payroll, but they carped all the time. They had more money than King Midas, and yet they screamed poverty constantly. Typical.

Oh, the zombie thing. Look, I knew most people wouldn’t have anything to do with zombies, and I understood. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about them, but living and working on the edge of Zombietown gave me a different perspective. Zombies aren’t quite what they’re made out to be by Hollywood. Their condition is not their fault. They weren’t contagious until the Turn, and zombies could be quite lively for a long time – sometimes as long as a decade until the Turn happens. That was when they became feral and a danger. It meant they had to be put down. Usually, families took care of their own, but there was a unit which specifically took care of feral zombies when they Turned. They were called the Z-Squad. Original name, right?

Until then, zombies were perfectly nice people. We employed about eight as housekeepers. Yes, there was the stench, but commercial deodorants usually masked the worst of it. Our zombies were certified as required by law, meaning their “birthdate” was confirmed so we could anticipate the approximate date of their Turn, but most of them didn’t last that long. As they got up in age, certain body parts fell off and they couldn’t do the job.

It was a sad thing, to be a zombie, but the ones I met were some of the best peeps I’ve known. I took care of them, they took care of me. In the hotel business, loyalty counted for a lot.

I sighed and sifted through group booking requests, supply forms, invoices and a slew of other stuff I had no interest in dealing with. I heard Lilah counting her drawer, humming to herself and sparkling. I loved it when she sparkled, have I mentioned it? Otherwise, I expected another quiet morning at the ranch.

Lilah finished up and bounced over to me, singing in her pixie way, “All set, Miss Pallas.”

“Go ahead, punch out. See you in a couple of days. Stay out of trouble, will you?”

She giggled. “Oh, Miss Pallas. You know I stay out of trouble. I’ll be back for the second shift on Thursday, right?” Damned pixies never kept track of their shifts, but at least Lilah knew enough to confirm every time she left property.

“Yes, dearie, and you’ll be relieving me, so don’t be late.” She giggled again, and I had to grit my teeth. Sometimes, her chipper attitude in the morning was a lot for me to take, so it was. She flitted off, and I heard her punch the time clock on her way out.

I gathered my paperwork and moved to the front desk, where I had more room to sort out the stuff I needed to speak to Medusa about and the stuff that could wait. I liked having everything organized. It kept her happy and it was a good thing to be on her best side.

I flipped through the group requests and bird-dogged one from a band traveling through here on a regular circuit. They wanted to book two weekends in July; a nice piece of business, but I happened to know their manager served Lucifer himself, and they could be trouble. Not only the band, but the groupies following them. Another group request on the list, a tour bus from Pennsylvania; a group of vampires coming for a convention. I liked this, because they slept all day and were gone all night, which meant no service from housekeeping.

I shuffled papers and started making notes; grateful today seemed low-key and calm. Boy, seldom have I ever been so wrong. When things blew up, they really blew. I had no idea then how bad it would get.

Cedric was the least of my problems.


A Happy Anniversary, News and Free Swag

I have been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest the last week, but like a former boss of mine used to say, “Busy is good.” Of course, he was a urologist, so that meant he was seeing a lot of genitals and my job isn’t nearly that interesting. Heh.

Heh. You thought I was going to post a picture genitals, didn't you? Sorry, wrong blog.

But I digress.

Today I’m going to present some free stuff, and who doesn’t like free stuff? First, my cohort Lori Whitwam is sponsoring a contest to help promote a Most Excellent publication titled Living With the Dead – The Bitter Seasons and I can’t recommend this book enough. In addition to the second part of the first year of material, there are bonus stories by the author (and me!) plus a novella by Lori. It’s a lot of bang for your buck, and Lori has provided the perfect way for you to enjoy it and spread the word.

This week is also the anniversary of the e-book (40 years old! Who knew?) and to celebrate, Smashwords is offering acres of free ebooks for the week.

Woohoo! Happy anniversary!

This means for this week only, you can get Not Nice and Other Understatements for free! Isn’t that amazing? I think that’s amazing! It’s available in every format known to mankind (thanks to the efforts of Todd Macy at Mace eDesign, bless his heart) and you don’t need a fancy-schmanzy electronic device in order to read it. There are plenty of other e-titles available as well, so support your indie artists and download! Read! Revel!

There is no catch to this, but I will ask you for one favor. For any ebook you read, please think about leaving a review either on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble — or all three! — anywhere and everywhere you can think of. If you have a blog, you can even post a review just like author Patti Larsen has done. Word-of-mouth is what fuels the indie publishing engine, and it’s the best thing you can do to support these hard-working, talented people. It doesn’t have to be a in-depth review (although if you’re so inclined who am I to stop you?) but even if you rate the book of your choice using the cute little stars or simply leave one sentence that indicates whether you enjoyed it or not is a big deal to the writer.

We indies appreciate and and love our readers bunches. *MUAH*

So much to read! I’m really excited, and suspect George Senior is about to become totally stuffed to the gills. The bad part is I haven’t had much time to read lately because the non-fiction work has picked up, but again, I’m not complaining.

In other writing/reading news, Jean Auel has finally finished the last book in her Earth’s Children series titled “The Land of the Painted Caves”. I am SO EXCITED about this! Thirty damned years she’s been writing the series, and I have been hooked the whole way. I still have my original copy of “Clan of the Cave Bear”, although it’s held together with tape, and on April 4, the library near me is sponsoring an event. At first I thought Ms. Auel would be attending as well, but on second look it seems she won’t be there. *sniffle* Still, I will definitely go to party down with the other EC fans. Once I have that book in my hands (I might get it for George Senior, too, but this is one book I have to have in the flesh) you will not hear from me until I’m done reading. Heh.

Until then, it’s back to work. I hope you all have a fabulous, readalicious week! Remember, spread the word 🙂

See? Even Darwin knew what was coming.


A Marketing Experiment Without Sharp Implements

Monday again. Oh, the joy. What is it about Mondays that make me think of mud wrestling? Is it just me? Ah, well.

I’ve spoken many times about the importance of supporting your indie artists and how you can do that, even before I had my own book floating in the ether. There are many things you can do as a reader or a fellow writer, but it can be overwhelming. Some articles will go on for DAYS about clicking this button or on that website until all you want to do is turn the computer off or throw it out the window. So, I’ve decided to conduct a little experiment. Will you be my guinea pigs?

Notice the red eyes. I'm a little frightened.

Don’t worry, there are no needles or any other kinds of sharp implements involved, and I won’t make you drink any noxious concoctions. At least, not this time. Heh.

I don't blame you. I wouldn't drink this either.

No, my experiment is completely painless, easy and takes about a hot minute.

I post about three times a week. From here on out, at the top of each post (not this one, the next one, pay attention) I will give you a little somethin’ somethin’ to do that will help out the sales of “Not Nice and Other Understatements”. There’s no obligation, you sure don’t have to, but I would really appreciate it. Come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to eat broccoli or something.

It actually looks quite tasty, but where's all the butter?

If it makes you feel better, you can pretend you’re a secret double agent on a mission that can affect the life or death of our Fearless Heroine. I know, things aren’t that dire, but one little click of your mouse button can actually make a big difference. You’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling and build up Good Karma Points. And I’ll be thinking very hard about an appropriate reward.

Maybe a gold star.

At any rate, anything you can do to help will earn my eternal thanks plus the ability to continue writing fiction in my “spare” time. Which translates in to more stories for you.

Today’s Experiment: Click on my Amazon author’s page here and at the top of my photo, click on the little button that says, “Like”. That’s it! You’re done! Thank you!!

The great thing about this is you can do it for all your favorite authors if they have author pages. By clicking “Like”, you help nudge your author up in to the search engines, making it easier for other people to find them. So, you’re not only helping out your author friend (in this case, me) but all the potential readers out there.

I appreciate the support more than I can tell you. Now, I have to buzz off and think about rewards, write some more words and wrestle Monday to the ground and pinch it until it yells “Uncle”.

Thanks again 🙂

Find “Not Nice and Other Understatements” at Amazon and now at Smashwords in any format you desire! Autographed copies are still available through the link on this page. Spread the word! And thanks for all of your support!