Creepfest Blog Hop – Day 1 – What You Can Expect

I am a Blog Hop virgin.

When I first heard of the Creepfest Blog Hop, I wasn’t sure it was for me. After all, I’m not really a horror writer, per se. That’s not to mean I’ve never written horror — au contraire. If you’ve read any of the stories from Not Nice and Other Understatements, you’ll see there are a few stories in there which would fit quite nicely under the “horror” label. The one which instantly springs to mind is “Wickedly Smooth”, which gives me chills to this day every time I read it. “Athena’s Promise” certainly has its horror moments and even a few monsters. I was assured my work definitely has a place in the horror family. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it 🙂

Doesn't he look all warm and fuzzy? Heh.

So exactly what is a blog hop and what the hell is going on?

It’s like this:

There’s a list of fabulous blogs right here for your convenience. Every blog is hosting a GIVEAWAY. That’s right, like FREE STUFF. (Including me, but keep reading.) Hop from blog to blog, and you just may come away with enough swag to fill a Santa bag. (Hey, that almost sounded like a poem! Heh.)

You’ll meet a wide variety of authors; have a chance at some free fiction; learn something about the community of horror you may not have known before. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re supposed to be working or if you have to look busy but there’s no way you’re looking at another report because you feel as if you see one more your brain is going to snap and you’re going to pick up a sharp, stabby implement (could be a pen, could be a letter opener, could be a spork) and gouge the eyes out of the next phucktard who asks you a dumb question about something they should know better than you but of course, they don’t make the effort, they just want you to do the work for them and you have dreamed for weeks of quarts of their blood gushing from their newly severed tongue and splashing all over those stupid damned reports that you’d rather set on fire with a gallon of gasoline and an old-fashioned match…

Whoops. I may have gone off subject there. Sorry.

So, for the next twelve days here on Word Webbing, you will find fiction excerpts and interviews with some very interesting and twisted people. As far as free stuff goes, how about this:

At the end of the Blog Hop, on December 24th, I will give away twelve e-copies of “Athena’s Promise”, one for every day of Creepfest. But that’s not all! I will also give away one autographed print copy. WAIT! One more thing — I’m so excited about Creepfest, I will also give away one Amazon gift card in the amount of $20!

Since this is a sweepstakes and not a contest, entering is easy-peasy, and you can enter as many times as you like. Here’s how:

Leave a comment on any (or all) blog posts here during Creepfest.

Sign up for my Once in a Blue Moon Newsletter. (No spam, I swear.)

Like my Facebook Fan page.

Like “Athena’s Promise” on her Amazon page.

Tweet about this blog or AP and use the hashtag #AthenasPromise so I can track properly.

Mention this blog or AP on YOUR blog.

That’s it. You’ll get one entry apiece for each action – up to 17 entries if you do each of these things! Damn! I will tally the results from all twelve days and choose the winners via Make sure you leave a comment that lets me know what you did and include a working email address so I can make an accurate count and contact you if you win.

Spread the word! The more the merrier 🙂

MUAHAHAHA! Come with me to the dark side!

Visit the Creepfest Blog Hop page for a complete listing of participating blogs and have fun!


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    • I know, Eden, there is a lot going on, but it is so much fun! Hop away, little bunny 🙂 Lots to see, lots to do, lots to win!

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂


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