A New Dawn, A New Day

The Washington State Capitol in Olympia.
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Of course, I was glued to the TV and the news channels for All Things Inaugural. It was an amazing experience, and I have to admit I was moved to tears and deeply touched, not to mention totally envious of people who were able to be there in the flesh.

I visited Washington once, when I was twelve, on a family vacation back in the early 70’s. I’ve never forgotten it, and I can only imagine how electric the atmosphere was during this historic event. Alas, I couldn’t be there, but thanks to the technology of not only television, but the live stream of Twitter, I still feel as if I were vested and actually a part of the celebration.

Personal Observations of a Political Nature:

  1. Of course Obama stumbled a bit over the oath. All I could think of is, I would too, because I’d be thinking not only of the grand responsibility I was assuming, but I’d be worried about a bullet smashing in the back of my brain. I’m sorry, but if you can point a camera you can point a gun, and honestly, that worry was with me every time I saw him out among the masses. It’s a real danger, and although I was a young girl at the time, I’m old enough to remember how we lost three of the biggest lights this country has ever seen in the 60’s. There, I said it.
  2. The send-off to Bush was vile and unnecessary. Although you will go far to find someone as happy as I that the Weasel has left the building, that was not the time or the place to voice such joy. It was classless and I was horrified.
  3. The Obamas have beautiful, well-behaved children. That says a lot about their parents.
  4. Michelle Obama is a Sistah of Contention. Strong, smart, she is a rock for her husband and I have to give the woman Mad Propz for getting through a long day in heels with grace. Think that’s easy?
  5. I don’t care about her ball dress, okay? So over that. I can’t understand why that’s news.

When Obama took office, I cried like a baby. I thought of my grandfather, who was mixed, and how he had to leave Germany when he was a teenager because of the threat of extinction by the Nazi government. I thought about how he hid that part of his genetic heritage when he arrived in America, because of the prejudice and racism that was only marginally better than the genocide he had left behind. I thought of how he had to repress that part of himself to fit in, to make a success out of his life here, and how that was (and continues to be) a subject that is not spoken of in my family. To see Obama taking an oath to the highest position in this country both broke my heart and gave me such hope for the future of this country all I could do was cry.

Yeah, so I’m a schmuck.


Now that the celebrations are over, we start with a new day and a new dawn. Now, the hard work really kicks in. I am not so  naive to think the errors, excess, and fuck-ups will all be cleaned up immediately — it’s a Gordian Knot of major proportions, and I can’t even imagine where Obama will start. Still, he’s a sharp guy with a sharp woman by his side; a carefully chosen cabinet and the support of the people behind him.

We can hope. And that, friends and neighbors, after the last eight years, is a lot more than we’ve had.

Wrap it up, I’ll take it.

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3 thoughts on “A New Dawn, A New Day

  1. I’m not even American but it really does feel huge. I don’t know if Obama will fix anything, the cynic inside me says that with this much hype he can’t possibly meet expectation BUT, and this is a first for me, I’m really hopeful that he can

  2. “Of course, I was glued to the TV and the news channels for All Things Inaugural”

    You, me and the rest of the world, my chicky!

    This lifelong cynic will take hope over hopelessness and despair any day. And honestly, Obama can’t screw the pooch any harder or worse than that man (what’s his name?…sadly, history will not forget his name, but luckily and with perseverance, he will be remembered for the greedy, self-serving, delusional scumbag he was) who bent us over, dry f@%cked us, and all without even giving us a kiss.

  3. Wow, can’t add much as Lala seemed to have covered it well. 😉

    I wouldn’t want the job of President right now. I mean, talk about a huge-ass mess to clean up. Eeek. Kudos to him for even taking it on.

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