Flash Fiction Friday I

Flash Fiction Friday

Yep, it’s Friday, and it’s a Flash Fiction Friday.

The Rules:

1.  500 words or less.

2. Inspiration in the form of a quote, phrase, word, or photo can be found here every week. You can incorporate the prompt in your piece, or not. It’s meant more as a jumping off place than anything else. Suggestions for future prompts/inspiration are always welcome via email or comment.

3. Post your story on your site, and leave a link in the comments here.  If you wish, grab a copy of the badge (designed by the oh-so-fabulous Lala — you should really hire her for your graphic design, the woman is a goddess) and display it on your post. I will visit and read each and every one.

4. Check back in Monday to see my recommended submission sites.

At some point, we may offer contests, prizes, and glory. Until then, we’ll offer fun, information, and support — so let’s play!

Fridays’ Prompt:

Two Southern girls are sitting on the front porch in the sultry summer afternoon, sipping on lemonade. What are they talking about? Are they friends, sisters, lovers? What do they see?

Now go, write! But most of all….HAVE FUN.[ad#fffww-badge]


11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday I

  1. that’s okay, lala. there’s no deadline, really, just that monday i’ll post what markets seem appropriate to what’s been posted. i’ll be working on this tomorrow, as well.

    right up your alley, i’d say. 😉

  2. as of right this moment, i have absolutely no idea what to write about, but i will have a crack at something by the end of play sunday.


  3. About to post. Haven’t done this in ages. I thank you for *poking* me! LOL. I have not the time or patience to figure out how to do a link in the body of the post (I have frittered 30 frustrating minutes trying to do this for you), but have placed your link in a more visable place with the rest of my links until you send me the link format and I will put it smack dab in the post itself. Sorry for being such a do-do. As always, I am not hip or edgy with my writing – I tend to lean into simple observations. 🙂

    Reenies last blog post..And I Quote…

  4. Netta: I have posted my Flash “On the Porch” at Reenie’s Reach per your prompt. Sorry for the lack of linkage here. 🙁 My brain is sore and I am on the dash. THANKS so much for the nudge. I haven’t tried to write in a very, very long time. xoxo

    Reenies last blog post..From the Porch

  5. yay!

    i’ll be checking it out shortly. thanks so much for playing along — i’m a little scattered right now…my apologies, but it seems we may have a baby on the way.


  6. Darlin’, I don’t think I need to tell you who the priority is at this fine and splendid moment! I’ll be thinking of you. xoxo

    Business note: At Reenie’s Reach I added the prompt (duh) so it made more sense to anyone popping in. 🙂

    SQUEEEEEEEE-ing with you. xoxo

    Reenies last blog post..From the Porch

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