Hi, Remember Me?

Hello, people!

So, it’s been a while. That’s the dichotomy of working as an editor and a writer. At certain points one activity becomes more of a focus than the other.

Like right now, the editor side of me is producing the 31 Days of Editing With Netta, which you can follow on my editing blog or my Facebook page.

On the writer side, I am thrilled, honored, and totally chuffed to announce my flash fiction piece, MOSAIC, will be published in the Fighting Monkey Press anthology, UnCommon Evil (which just so happens to be available for pre-order at a reduced price! HERE).

And HOLY SHITBALLS, look at this graphic!

UnCommon Evil


What you might not know about MOSAIC, is that it was a second round piece I wrote for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge that allowed me to advance to the third round. It reads like a zone piece, but in all actuality it was as carefully crafted as I could make it. (I love talking about “zone” vs. “crafted”, but I’ll leave that for another time.) I remember feeling panicked that weekend of the contest—after I saw the prompts and the genre we were assigned, my brain just FARTED. I ran around the house pulling my hair, scaring the cat, and muttering OMG WHAT DO I WRITE I HAVE NO WORDS ALL THE WORDS HAVE FLED SCREAMING INTO THE DARK ABYSS OF WHAT BRAIN CELLS I ONCE HAD…

Yeah, it’s a little weird up in the strange planet inside my head. But you knew that.

Anyway, I started researching insane asylums in the state (for future reference, go ahead, I just said it before you did) and ran across some strange, disturbing, and frankly terrifying information I tried to incorporate into MOSAIC.

I scared myself so I guess it worked.

The line-up is stellar, the People In Charge have been amazing to work with. I’m so excited to read my fellow author’s stories and to have mine included! Pre-order now and discover how uncommon evil can be.



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