The Best Laid Plans

The writer, the written and the writing tool
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Like I was saying, making a list (no! please dont’ sing it again!) is a great way to maintain your motivation, work flow and inspiration. However, life can really knock one out of the park when it wants to. Thus, the deviation from my semi-regular blog posting. I have recovered from 48 hours in a coma to drag myself to the keyboard to post, in case you thought I fell into a black hole.

Because I have been keeping a list, I’m only a wee bit behind, and hopefully will be able to catch up and maybe even get ahead. Hey, a girl can dream.

The moral of this little story? Make plans, and the Universe laughs. Still, make them anyway. Amusing the Universe can’t hurt, right?


My Ruminations of the Week (discuss amongst yourselves):

1. A writer writes. The subject doesn’t matter; the genre or format doesn’t matter. There will be some you are better at than others, but writers WRITE. Fiction, non-fiction — for the web or in print.

2. A web presence of some kind is essential for a writing career. Whether it’s a blog, a bio-page, or a portfolio of work, you need an internet storefront of some kind. Setting up a free blog is easy, and you should at least own your own domain name before someone else buys it.

3. Networking is an important part of a writing career. If it seems like I’m repeating myself, I am. But, you can’t just sit there with an account, you have to actively participate. Why should anyone offer your a Re-Tweet, visit your site, whatever, unless you show some support? Become involved and offer value. If nothing else, at least you’re banking good karma, and who knows where the roads of networking lead?

4. Being sick SUCKS.


Updates as time and health allow. In the meantime, think about what I’ve said — make a list, network, get your own blog/site going, but most of all — WRITE. Now get out there and do it.

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