The first review is in of Not Nice and Other Understatements and I’m really over the moon. It’s nice to get feedback of any kind — I have developed the thick skin writers need in this business, for the most part — but when it’s feedback like this, and from someone for whom I have a lot of respect, it’s not just nice, it’s frikken’ AWESOME.

Pre-orders for “Not Nice and Other Understatements” are still open for autographed copies, but will be closing by the end of the week. I appreciate the support 🙂

Twitter is a big part of every writer’s arsenal, or it should be, and some time ago I noticed the #amwriting hashtag. Although I’m not as active on Twitter as I used to be, I followed founder Johanna Harness and kept my eye on the happenings. Not only does she have great news to share today (congratulations!) but she also maintains the Amwriting site to provide a place for writers to connect and support one another. She was kind enough to ask me to write a post about my personal struggles with writing fiction and non-fiction in the same sphere and I was happy and honored to oblige.

Diane Lebow is a woman on fire. Not only has she started a Facebook group for writers called Thursday’s Novelists, she’s also started her own online business for writers who may be struggling with the time constraints of social media.


It has occurred to me I have had the fortune of interacting with some wonderful people who have been in the trenches fighting the indie war for a long time. In case you missed meeting them, let me introduce or re-introduce MeiLin Miranda, Matt Ward, Susan Helene Gottfried, Jeremy Shipp, Joseph Paul Haines and J.D. Riso. Bless their hearts, it’s a long and sometimes lonely, not to mention frustrating journey. Do yourself a favor and check out their work — honestly, you know I don’t do junk and you’ll go a long way looking for better quality work. Being indie doesn’t mean inferior material. Support them as best you can — and remember, indie books make GREAT Christmas presents.


And, if you’re so inclined, this challenge looks like a LOT of fun. I plan on signing up for that myself.

That’s all I have for today — my brain is fried to a crispy turn, and it looks like the next week or so will be at full bore. I did manage to clean out my Google Docs today. I had a lot of old material in there that needed to be discarded, but I found a lot of work I’d saved there I forgot I had. It was like finding a dusty old closet and opening it up to find six pairs of brand-new shoes, or a pair of jeans you just might be able to fit into. That was a Good Thing.

For the last two days I’ve wrestled with coding, formatting, and various and sundry other issues. I’m tired and crabby and did I say tired? For now, I’m owt…but I’ll return. 🙂

“Not Nice and Other Understatements – A Journal of Flash Fiction” is now available for purchase.


7 thoughts on “Link-a-Doodle

  1. Thanks Annetta. Lots of good information here. And yes, some of the people you mentioned are indeed on fire. I know how the brain gets fried with this social media business. Take a break, is my motto, and then get back to work.

    • I’m glad you found something to interest you here, Margaret. It’s true, it’s a lot to handle, and the hats a writer must wear these days is increasing at a rapid pace. A break sounds like a good idea — and so does getting back to work!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi! I only just noticed the linkback from this post to my reading challenge – you can still sign up if you’re interested. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Susan Helene Gottfried so I’ve added her to the suggested reading list.

    I’m a huge #amwriting fan, too. It’s a great hashtag, and I often use it when I’m writing and get blocked by really random questions (eg, a scene where a woman walks into a reptile house — I tweeted asking what snakes smelled like and got a boatload of responses!)

    I haven’t heard of Thursday Novelists though. I’ll check that out now.

    Anyway. Apologies for the late rambling on your old post, but I thought I’d drop by anyhow!

    • I’m so glad you did! I’ve signed up, and I’m really looking forward to this. I think it’s a great idea. 🙂

      I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of you. Heh!

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