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I’m not sure this is going to be a weekly thing, but we’ll ride this wave as far as it takes us. I typically visit a great deal of websites in the course of a day; some from dropping Entrecards (when I have the time) and sometimes when a Person of Interest uses Twitter to alert we tweeples to something cool, interesting or helpful.

So, for your pleasure, dear readers (I think there’s more than one, heh!) these are my favorites from the last week:

Writing News and Aids:

Web Writer Boot Camp: Paul Lalley serves up some excellent resources and advice to aspiring web writers. He’s not as bad as Harvey on Celebrity Fit Club, but he pulls no punches and offers no bullshit. Writers of all skill levels will learn something here.

The World in the Satin Bag: The blog and fiction of S.M. Duke. Mark this young man, because he’s going places in the speculative fiction field. Thirty-one chapters are posted online for your reading pleasure, and Shaun often posts provocative questions regarding the realm of science fiction and fantasy, plus cool book reviews.

Putting a friendly and funny face on the world of a publishing agent (not that she has a funny face physically, it’s a figure of speech) check out The Swivet. I read in her latest post about the lack of a roof, wrestling with a moldy futon mattress, and the Most Awesome Bartender in Queens, and it brought back fond memories of a few escapades of my misspent (but oh-so-fun!) youth. Heh.

Mike Geffner is a man with a mission and is bringing it on like Donkey Kong. He has a workshop and newsletter; a writing group on Facebook; he Twitters and he’s LinkedIn. An award winning sports journalist, he’s putting together an empire and has a lot to offer the up and coming.

If you’re looking for more free fiction to read online, I recommend The Lifting of the Veil by Chris Tejeda. So much great fiction online, if you only know where to look 🙂

One of the most helpful sites I’ve been to in awhile is Tim Beyers’s The Freelance Writer’s Helper. He lists out some really fabulous and informative sites for freelancers in a Google Notebook, which is something I haven’t seen before. He covers a lot of ground for freelancers so you don’t have to. Thanks, Tim!

The Cool:

You can’t miss Rizzo Tees. Seriously…BILF? I hate pants? This is some funny, funny shiz-niz, friends and neighbors, twisted and demented. I love it!

I am hooked on this song. Hooked, I tell you. I can’t play it enough. It’s my new addiction, I’m just glad it’s not Britney. Heh.

Hulu is an amazing site with TV shows and movies free to view online. There’s actually some decent films, and I was VERY excited to see episodes of American Gothic and I will be staying up way too late for many nights to come, I’m sure.

Are you willing to sacrifice 10 friends from Facebook for a free Whopper? Well, let me tell you, this temptation has been plaguing me and keeping me awake at night for the last several nights. Damn you, Burger King! Damn you to hell!!

I think that’s enough to keep you busy. Don’t forget to drop some comment love on those you visit. They work hard at putting out quality content, and it’s only right to say thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Links of Interest – Wednesday Edition

  1. Hey fellow WW,

    Long time no blog for me and I’m just now getting back in the swing of it…and look at you you’ve gone all modernized and sleek. Love it. Very professional. Hope you’re still doing the personal blogging, too. I miss it!

    I will def. check out your links and thanks btw, for listing me in your blogroll. more soon…

    Washwordss last blog post..Preparations

    • Hey kiddo! It’s good to see you getting back into the swing…missed you! Thanks for the kind words…it’s a work in process.

      Personal stuffages as they happen. Heh!

    • You’re very welcome, Paul. It’s a great site. It’s apparent the work you put into it, and I appreciate it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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