Long Overdue Link Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a link love post, and my bookmarks are out of control. So much linky goodness out there, and I love to share.

Help And News For Writers

As a writer, at some point you’re going to need a Facebook Fan Page for your best-selling novel, right? How do you do that? This article gives you the basics, and it’s never too early to start. For the hardy souls who are thinking of attempting the madness that is NaNoWriMo this year (yes, I may be one of them, depending on circumstances) I found this article with helpful links and David Wilson seems very approachable if you have any questions that aren’t answered by his most excellent blog.

For my non-fiction friends, it helps to have more than one weapon in your arsenal, as we all know. Here is a simple guide to writing white papers that makes it look easy. Follow the steps, and it is.

Self publishing is a hot topic everywhere, it seems, and Editor Unleashed explores this topic and much more. There’s also information how to use Twitter to your best advantage, how to write a query letter, and tips on good blogging practices.

If you’re interested in the path to publication, visit Barry Lyga. In two parts, he lays it on the line and tells you how it is. Eye-opening and valuable information here you really need to know before you embark on that journey.

Rober Kahn reports in an interesting case about author Elaine Scott suing Scribd for copyright infringement. This could have huge repercussions on the digital publishing field, so it’s a case you might want to keep your eye on.

The Urban Muse, voted one of the best websites for writers by Writer’s Digest, is chock full of tips, tricks, and inspiration regarding writing copy and blogging. Even if you’re familiar with some of the material, there’s always something new, or an angle you may have missed in the information presented.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, visit the Schenectady Steeple and roll the bones.

The Odd And Teh Funny

I’m a redhead, so I have a soft spot for redheads. This particular Ranting Redhead cracks me up, especially when she goes off on panties. You have to read it, really. Hilarious.

Although I love cake, I would not be able to eat any of these cakes. Just sayin’.

This is another reason I’m glad I don’t work with other people anymore. Srsly. Although the last scenario made me laugh pretty hard. She was so worried about her hair!

Speaking of eating, this website made me laugh so freaking hard I couldn’t breathe. This guy is not only hysterically funny, he’s crazier than a shithouse rat. Lord have mercy.

Last but not least, the wookie’s got moves! Who knew?

Don’t forget to stop by Friday for #fridayflash for some flashing goodness. Next weekend I hope to be posting a very interesting interview with a musician who has found a unique way of channeling his storytelling abilities. He’s got some entertaining insights and some really great ideas about the leverage of social networking you might find helpful in your own writing endeavors.

Never a dull moment. Okay, maybe there’s a few. But thanks for reading and sticking with me anyway. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Long Overdue Link Love

  1. Oh my goodness! You’ve given me so much to read and I have a cup of coffee and I am sitting on the balcony and I should be writing friday flash, but…only a few moments with your links, eh?

    So, just as I mentioned yesterday on my site, I am not writing. I’m reading. That’s good too!

    And, yes, her HAIR! Of all the things to worry about. I’d be upset that I broke my a** falling off the chair!

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