It Must Be Monday

It’s been a while since my last link-love, and I usually do it on Wednesdays. However, I’ve run across some great info over the last few days; some news, some fun, some thought-provoking, some helpful. Dig in!


“Strange Bird” is a must-read for this Monday. Written by JD Riso, it’s a story of a trip to Costa Rica, told in a personal and very unique way. Excellent read.

Sun and Oracle combine forces. What do I care, you say? Sun is responsible for Java, one of the most widely-used software technologies, and this union may give pause to giants like Microsoft. The software universe may never be the same.

If you’re single and looking, living in the Montana region, this young man is looking for a sweetheart. Forget, eHarmony, or any of the other meat markets — check this guy out. He seems real. It’s not “Rock of Love” but I’ll be keeping an eye out and wishing him well. Heh.

Is there anything better than ice cream? Why, yes, yes there is. FREE ice cream. Hit your local Ben & Jerry’s on April 21st and get you some.

Finally, the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code” is slated for a September 15th release by Doubleday. 5 MILLION copies ofThe Lost Symbol will be released to a long-awaiting public. Amazing. And that’s just the FIRST print run.

Unfortunately,scientist and professor Stephen Hawking has been reported as “very ill” and has been hospitalized. Author JG Ballard passed away this weekend. Very sad…condolences to Ballard’s fans and family, and good wishes to Mr. Hawking.

Nick Usborne has provided a page of some fabulous information for freelancers. WOW. Excellent resource.

If you’re looking to monetize your website, here are 6 Fool-Proof Steps to Make More Money With Your Website. Very detailed and informative.

10 Websites for Book Lovers — need I say more? I know, I know…you’re cursing me now, but you’ll thank me later.

And finally, you know I couldn’t just end this edition of Link Love without a couple of fun time-wasters. Take a look at this video if you’ve ever wondered what sheep herders do with their spare time, and then you can turn your brain to oatmeal with Seinfeld’s 100 Quotes About Nothing. Heh.

I’ll probably do another Link Love post soon — two weeks without internet access, and the stuff piles up. The next one will be strictly writing related.

Until then, enjoy the Monday. The best thing about Mondays are, they only come once a week. Heh.


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