Screws – Loose and Otherwise

Cleaning and hauling was the first step. Then came the actual, physical move, which was much simpler because, well, I don’t have much. But then, oh dear and beloved friends and neighbors, came Screw Hell.

To say the previous tenants left a mess behind them is an understatement of the century. Still, I’ve dealt with that. I’m sure the garbage men have a voodoo doll of me full of long, wicked pins, but I’ll give them cookies at Christmas. I’ve even cleaned out the garage and hoo doggy, that was some kind of fun. I did not run across any dead critter bodies, for which I was eternally grateful, but otherwise, it was gross. Still, I’ve dealt with that.

What has bugged me up inside the actual abode are screws. Yes, you heard me. S C R E W S.  The previous tenant had a serious fetish for screws. It’s incredible. I have enough screws to supply a third world country, all painstakingly unscrewed from the walls and various other nooks and crannies. I’ve taken down hooks and hinges that don’t hinge anything; wood screwed to door and window openings, and screws that are just inserted into strange places on the walls with no discernible function whatsoever. I have found caches of screws with different personalities; wood screws, metal screws, ceramic screws, concrete screws, short screws and screws that look long enough to skewer a cow.

Hey, I guess you could say I’ve been well and totally screwed. Heh.

So, the work continues, because it seems everywhere I look, there’s a screw lurking. I really need to get them all out of the space I’m hoping to transform into an office (this writing and working from a decrepit TV tray from a Most Uncomfortable Chair isn’t working so well) so I can finish priming the walls for a coat of possibly periwinkle (or maybe pink; I haven’t decided) paint. I need to decide on a floor choice, too. Carpet? Vinyl tiles? Oh, decisions, decisions. I’ve already painted over the black ceiling. *sigh*

It’s a work in progress. I’m trying to be patient. I’m trying not to let the screws get me down.


In addition to all this, I’m trying to organize my time to Maximum Efficiency. How’s that working out, you ask? Uh, okay. Fine. Oh, all right, maybe not so much. I’ve still met every deadline, and I’m not complaining. I know it will be a lot easier once the office space is complete and I can spread out.

In the meantime, I have a couple of interviews with some fabulous people coming up; reviews of various reading materials for which you will pledge to me your undying gratitude; a gaggle of great links to amuse, entertain, and enlighten; ramblings and observations from the mind of a working freelancer on the edge.

I know you can’t wait.

In the meantime, I’ll be unscrewing, editing, and while working on projects to pay the rent, I’ll also be trying to appease the Fiction Monster that’s been poking the soft gray matter of my brain and keeping me awake at night.

It’s hungry.


5 thoughts on “Screws – Loose and Otherwise

  1. I know, Bronwen, I hear you. I hope I have enough brain cells to satisfy the greedy thing.

    Hi Alex, nice to see you here! I love the blog. That’s why I added it to one of my favorites. 😉

    A ‘hoo doggy’…well, it’s a combination of ‘holy dang shitski I can’t believe it’ and ‘Just slap my ass and call me Charlie’ both of which were too long for me to type at the time. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, guys.

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