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As promised (and just under the wire, heh) here are my suggestions for the flash from our Friday exercise:

Clapboard House specializes in Southern-flavored flash fiction. (Say that three times fast, heh!)

The Foliate Oak is another online literary journal that might fit our drawl, or give you inspiration to re-write for their guidelines.

Quick Fiction is another one that popped into my head when thinking about where the stories we have could find a home.

The usual disclaimer — make sure to review their guidelines carefully, and follow them. And remember, rejections are not personal attacks. It’s as much luck and serendipity as talent, as much perseverance as vision.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!

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2 thoughts on “Submission Suggestions

  1. thanks for playing, fay. i’ll have another prompt up today, and i hope you play along with this one, as well. it’s good to see you back at it.


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