Carving And Crafting

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Well, all I can say is the last two weeks have really kicked my ass.

Even still, in the midst of all this, moving forward is the only option. Oh, I know I could probably lie down and not get up, but my Momma raised me better than that, and I have a grandbaby on the way. What would he think of a Noni that is prostrate on the floor, or weeping and gnashing her teeth? I can do better. I will do better, even if it’s just one little step.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


Let’s talk about structure and format of a flash fiction story.

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Interview With A Goddess Of Flash

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I am a flash fiction addict, and I’m not the only one. My favorite thing to receive in my mailbox every day is a tasty shot of flash fiction from Flashshot. Not only am I an avid reader, I’m also a Flashshooter. It is a fine publication, and in this busy life, those little bursts of fiction often stimulate conversation and occasionally, the Elusive Muse. The experience of submitting work has always been pleasant, due in no small part to Esther Schrader, editor-in-chief of Flashshot.

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