Happy New Year, 2013!

And so goes another revolution around the sun and here comes another one.


2012 was quite a year. And while I look forward to what 2013 has in store, I can’t help but think back to the past year and take stock of the things I was able to accomplish.

I drove 1800 miles in 4 days to see my kid graduate Cum Laude from college.

I published a novella in a new series called “The Adventures of Sally Mae Riddley” titled The Trailer Park Tiara and Goat Incident, and am halfway done with the next one.

I lost 22 pounds.

I edited over 30 books and many short fiction pieces which have been published.

I wrote over 30k on “Athena’s Chains”, sequel to Athena’s Promise.

I changed the cover and format of AP.

I baked a dozen cookies in my car.

I worked out in an actual gym with a trainer six times.

I have survived 365 days with a psycho cat.

I saved two puppies from death’s clutches.

I taught my first editing class via Skype to a lovely group of writers from PEI.

I published The Fantasy and The Heart, two collections of short fiction.

That’s only a small part of my year, but all in all, I’m satisfied with the way it played out. There were a lot of bumps and potholes in the road, but I managed to stay on course and Take Care of Business. So I will call 2012 a Win, but I plan to blow 2013 off the map. Because that’s just how I roll.

Right off the map, baby!
Right off the map, baby!

One of the casualties in such a busy year was my poor blog. I used to be much better about updating here regularly; in the past I had a private blog in which I blogged daily for six years. I think of that now and I’m astounded. But then, things change and life moves on, and while it was a fabulous habit in which to develop discipline for writing every day (plus a measure of catharsis yet unmatched) I’d rather put my energy now toward fiction and editing. Words. Lots and lots of lovely words.

But even so, I want to get back to keeping the blog alive and well, and to this end I’ve tapped into my Mad Organizational Skillz. So what you can find here will be a new schedule of postings.

Mondays will feature inspirational posts from writers, works of fiction and non-fiction, and various other tidbits to help get rid of the Monday blahs and the work week off to a good start. Probably not as good as a double-shot of expresso, but every little bit counts, right?

Tuesdays I plan on presenting guest posts from other authors in the indie field, the movers and shakers who have something to say. But not just authors and writers–oh no! You’ll be hearing from a wide variety of people, people who do business and create art and live life. I have left the format completely open to participants, so I’m not sure what we’re going to see here, but I’m sure it will be fun to find out! If you’re interested in guest posting, give me a shout. Next Tuesday’s guest will be the fabulous Patti Larsen, so make sure to check back and see what she’s got to share. I’m sure it will be FAB.

Wednesdays will be wordless with a picture or photograph that moves me. It might give you inspiration for a short story, poem, or spark off a novel idea.

Thursdays are reserved for editing tips, tricks, and observations. Here I’ll share what I know and what might help you through the experience of editing and what it entails.

Fridays–anything goes! New releases, helpful links, or maybe more car baking. Who knows?

And finally, this was my favorite video and song of 2012. It was not an easy year, but none of them are. I will mark 2012 as the year I finally lived my life as it was meant to be. I will mark 2012 as the year I heard my name–something I have not heard in too many years. Good bye, 2012. I ain’t mad, because in many ways you were good to me and taught me many lessons I needed to learn. But I am looking forward to 2013, overcoming challenges and taking my life to the next level.

Come on, 2013! I have plans, and lots of them. Bring it on, and let’s see what you got!

Woohoo! Let's get it on!
Woohoo! Let’s get it on!