Wow, where did Wednesday come from?

It was a really busy week last week — I had a visit from my Muffin and my GirlChild, and it was wonderful. Busy, but fabulous. Since it coincided with the launch of Athena’s Promise and Halloween, the whole week kind of passed in a blur. Which I suppose was a blessing in disguise, because otherwise I probably would have been a babbling mess obsessing over The Launch. Instead, I did my business and chased after a very active 3 year-old, who really put me through my paces.

Look at this face! RUN RUN RUN, NONI!

Yep, he sure gave me a workout. 🙂

So, after a mega-busy week, what’s next?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

In addition to a full editing schedule (my day job), I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for NaNoWriMo in order to kick start the second book in the Aegian Trilogy, titled “Athena’s Chains”. (I’m Netta50 there, if you want a buddy.) It was a last minute decision, but I know if I didn’t incorporate some structure somewhere, I’d most likely procrastinate. I had set myself a tentative date for release of Spring 2012; now I just have to write the book. Heh.

Considering I wrote the bulk of Athena’s Promise in about eight weeks, I think I can handle this NaNo thing. That’s the plan.

Meet my lovers - Pen and Paper. Aren't they HAWT?

Yeah, the menage a trois is kinky, but it works for us. Heh.

I have another author/artist interview scheduled for Friday with the incomparable Rebecca Treadway, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Not only has Athena’s Promise been released, six pieces I’ve had the honor to edit have also been released by Etopia Press. Some really great stories there, I hope you’ll check them out if you’re in the market for some good reads.


And last, but not least, a short word about releasing a book as an independent-type:

It’s a lot of work, peeps. I’ve learned so much from this process, I can’t even tell you. It’s also totally nerve-wracking. No matter how much you believe in your work, there’s always that anxiety about whether or not the Public At Large is going to like it or want to throw rotten tomatoes at you.

Don't get me wrong, I love tomatoes. Just not rotten and used as projectiles.

Fortunately, Athena’s Promise has already received some wonderful reviews, and not only does that make me feel proud and grateful, I’m also very appreciative of the people who took the time out from their busy lives to not only read the book, but also leave encouraging words. The truth is, I’m an “indie”. I don’t have a big marketing budget, and like everyone else trying to carve out a space for themselves, I am dependent on word of mouth to get the word out.

If you like what you read, and this goes for any independent artist you love, click the “Like” buttons on Amazon, which helps with ranking; take the time to jot even just a few words about what you’ve read; tell your friends and family about the book; Tweet if you’re a Twitter, post a link on Facebook, purchase books for Christmas gifts — in other words, do everything you can to help promote your author. YOU, the reader, are all we have, you see. In return, we will keep writing and hopefully give you more of what you love. See how that works? Because WE LOVE YOU.

There’s no way we can do it without you.


And that’s the end of the self-promotion thing, which although necessary, is also rather uncomfortable. Writers generally have a hard time with this part of the business. It doesn’t help that social media has been inundated with a whole bunch of self-promotion, where it seems people have forgotten the basic premise of social media — which is, to wit, SOCIAL INTERACTION. I’ve blogged about before. It’s a fine line, and a difficult one to walk, no doubt about it. *sigh*

In the meantime, I’m going to practice what I preach and write the next book. Pallas is antsy and she has a problem. Several problems, actually. Heh.

By the way — thanks for all the support. I am constantly gobsmacked and very grateful for it. And I never, ever take it for granted. *MUAH*



A Marketing Experiment Without Sharp Implements

Monday again. Oh, the joy. What is it about Mondays that make me think of mud wrestling? Is it just me? Ah, well.

I’ve spoken many times about the importance of supporting your indie artists and how you can do that, even before I had my own book floating in the ether. There are many things you can do as a reader or a fellow writer, but it can be overwhelming. Some articles will go on for DAYS about clicking this button or on that website until all you want to do is turn the computer off or throw it out the window. So, I’ve decided to conduct a little experiment. Will you be my guinea pigs?

Notice the red eyes. I'm a little frightened.

Don’t worry, there are no needles or any other kinds of sharp implements involved, and I won’t make you drink any noxious concoctions. At least, not this time. Heh.

I don't blame you. I wouldn't drink this either.

No, my experiment is completely painless, easy and takes about a hot minute.

I post about three times a week. From here on out, at the top of each post (not this one, the next one, pay attention) I will give you a little somethin’ somethin’ to do that will help out the sales of “Not Nice and Other Understatements”. There’s no obligation, you sure don’t have to, but I would really appreciate it. Come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to eat broccoli or something.

It actually looks quite tasty, but where's all the butter?

If it makes you feel better, you can pretend you’re a secret double agent on a mission that can affect the life or death of our Fearless Heroine. I know, things aren’t that dire, but one little click of your mouse button can actually make a big difference. You’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling and build up Good Karma Points. And I’ll be thinking very hard about an appropriate reward.

Maybe a gold star.

At any rate, anything you can do to help will earn my eternal thanks plus the ability to continue writing fiction in my “spare” time. Which translates in to more stories for you.

Today’s Experiment: Click on my Amazon author’s page here and at the top of my photo, click on the little button that says, “Like”. That’s it! You’re done! Thank you!!

The great thing about this is you can do it for all your favorite authors if they have author pages. By clicking “Like”, you help nudge your author up in to the search engines, making it easier for other people to find them. So, you’re not only helping out your author friend (in this case, me) but all the potential readers out there.

I appreciate the support more than I can tell you. Now, I have to buzz off and think about rewards, write some more words and wrestle Monday to the ground and pinch it until it yells “Uncle”.

Thanks again 🙂

Find “Not Nice and Other Understatements” at Amazon and now at Smashwords in any format you desire! Autographed copies are still available through the link on this page. Spread the word! And thanks for all of your support!


If You Don't Read Anything Else Today…

Oil on canvas
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Please go and read Jonathan Crossfield’s post about Blue Day (aka World Mental Health Awareness Day.)

This talented writer says it better than I ever could, and I applaud his courage and eloquence in posting about a subject that is so painful and very difficult for most depressives to talk about.

So, please. Read. Take notes. It’s very likely either you, or someone close to you, suffers from depression and/or anxiety. Know you aren’t alone. Know there are ways to manage. Become educated.

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