Leftovers (FFF II Results)

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*Author’s note: Still not there, but I can feel the flash muscles warming up.

The last time Aoide ate the moon, she had terrible indigestion but at least she wasn’t cranky. Being a handmaiden to a goddess had it perks, but when the goddess becomes cranky, there’s hell to pay. Sweeping up the crumbs from the latest gorging into a burlap sack, Eulalia wondered what had brought on such a craving. She peeked through the veils, satisfied the goddess was content for the moment, and nodded to the guardian as she dragged the sack to the kitchens.

Aoide’s song filled the hallways, musical notes kissing the cheeks of the travelers as they milled back and forth. Eulalia smiled as she hurried along the corridor; the moon had improved her mistress’s tone. She glanced out the window at the sky; no one was apt to miss the moon until nightfall. She arrived at the doors of the kitchen, and pushing through, deposited the sack near the roaring fireplace. The head cook spared her a look, noted the sack, and nodded to Eulalia. He’d know what to do with the leftovers.

Eulalia took hold of the lavender stream of song and let the notes carry her back to her duties.

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