NOT NICE Gets An Update

I’ve had plans to publish another collection of flash fiction for quite some time, but waited until I had enough time to devote to the project, you know? So I’m happy to announce STILL NOT NICE or THE STRANGE PLANET INSIDE MY HEAD will launch on or about November 1, 2014. It’s an important anniversary to me, and I’ll share the details of why when we get closer.

Come on, now! Patience is a virtue!

In the meantime, I wanted to spruce up Not Nice and Other Understatements so she can hang with the new chick on the block. We have a SPANKING cover by the talented Melinda VanLone, and bonus material which did not make it into the final publication.

And since I just can’t wait, here’s the new cover:

NotNice (2)

How cool is that? I’m very pleased with it.

I also have another surprise…but you’ll have to sign up for my newsletter to see it first 🙂 I do put out a monthly newsletter about editing, but this one is strictly for new releases and special tidbits for my own work. Trust me, you won’t be spammed (spam is gross in ANY FORM) and you’ll most likely get a newsletter a mere few times a year. If you want to keep up with my blistering publication schedule (okay, that might have been a tiny bit sarcastic) sign up for notifications of new releases and who knows? At some point I may just throw in a plastic rocket! BECAUSE I’M CRAZY LIKE THAT!

I really am. I wouldn't lie to you.
I really am. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new cover, and stay tuned for more shenanigans!


Welcome, September!

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of August, so imagine my glee and joy to rip that particular page off the calendar to expose…SEPTEMBER!


Well, not really time for a break because the train really never stops rolling, right?

So what have I been up to?

I’m in the process of updating this site dedicated to my writing endeavors, and Word Webbing for editing. It’s a monumental task, but progress is being made.

I’m always busy with editing projects, which I love. Busy is good. But I’ve also been putting some steam behind certain writing projects. October 15th will see a re-launch of Not Nice and Other Understatements, with a delicious new cover by the incredibly talented Melinda VanLone, a new intro by the lovely Patti Larsen, and some bonus material not included in the original publication. It was time for a face lift 🙂 Stay tuned for the cover reveal–subscribers to my newsletter on Word Webbing received a sneak peek. *Hint, hint*

It’s my little book that could. Not Nice was recently translated for a Chinese publisher, and I am incredibly thrilled about that.

November 1st, a special, personal anniversary, will see the publication of Still Not Nice, or the Strange Planet Inside My Head. I’m really excited for this.

And, by popular demand, it looks like at some point next year my evil feline overlord, Athena the Hun, will be featured in a volume of our conversations. Yes, we have conversations. Don’t play like you don’t talk to your pet. The difference is for me I’m usually trying to talk Athena out of eating my eyeballs or devouring my soul. She’s pretty evil.

Look at this face. My soul AND eyeballs are definitely on the line.
Look at this face. My soul AND eyeballs are definitely on the line.

Somebody hold me.

I have taken quite a break from blogging, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing. More updates as they happen, along with whatever happens to pop into my head.

I know, that’s a little scary to me, too. Heh.


Pre-Orders Are Now Open!

From the Introduction: “This collection of stories are from the very beginning of my writing career. They are dark and uncomfortable and I make no apologies for that. Life is often dark and uncomfortable. Some of you might wonder how much of these stories are true. To that all I can do is quote one of my literary heroes, Stephen King: ‘Fiction is the truth inside the lie.’ The rest I will leave up to you.”

I am pleased to say the final edits have been uploaded and “Not Nice and Other Understatements” is now available for pre-ordering for autographed copies. Just click on the “Buy Now” button below, and fill in the required information. You can include a “Note to the Merchant” to let me know of any special inscription requests. Don’t worry about shipping and handling charges — they’re on me, as a gesture of appreciation for your support. I expect to be able to start shipping as early as next week.

If you have any questions or if there’s a problem with this process at any point, you can reach me at annetta(dot)ribken@gmail(dot)com, on Facebook, or through Twitter. Please feel free to spread the word amongst the Universe, and if you want images or banners to help you, let me know and I’ll supply them.

Thanks for your patience and support as I wade through this experience. I have been overwhelmed with the love and encouragement — it really has kept me going. Much love to all of you … I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have putting it together!

The book you hold in your hands is a sort of jalapeno-laced jelly doughnut, meant to be both savored and feared…Because while she might not be right in the head, Annetta’s stories are right in the gut, just as they should be.~ From the Introduction, by Joseph Paul Haines