My Musical Universe

For me, music and writing are intimately intertwined. I don’t always listen to music when I write, but I find some of my best work comes when listening to some of my favorite music. The piece I’m working on dictates the type of music I’ll listen to while typing along.

Music will spark ideas, ruminations and memories. Oh! The memories…

My momma was very active in the “little theater” when we lived in upstate New York. (When I say “upstate” in relation to New York, I mean Central New York, in the Fingerlakes region.) Not only did we listen to pop AM radio (Sly and the Family Stone, The Ray Coniff Singers, The Jackson Five, Three Dog Night) I was also exposed to musical theater – “Anything Goes”, “Guys and Dolls”, “Brigadoon” is just a small example. I learned to appreciate all genres and keep an open mind in regard to the various types of music. Rap, blues, country, classic rock, alternative, hard rock, one hit wonders, classical and pop – my collection is eclectic and I love it all.

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