The Heart – Volume Two and A New Review

It's beating! IT LIVES!

The Heart – Volume Two has just been released and can be found on Amazon. w00t! I have two more volumes planned for release over the next few weeks — The Funny and The Horror. Go to my fan page on Facebook and vote for which volume you’d like to see released first. So far, The Funny is winning — consider this a once in a lifetime chance to tell me what to do. Heh.

Trust me. It happens about as often as this.

Don’t forget, The Fantasy – Volume One is also available.

I love book readers. I mean, I really, really love book readers. And when those book readers take the time out to not only read my book, but take extra time out to write up a review, my love turns to adoration. Many thanks to Maria Violante for this review of Athena’s Promise.

Book reviewers, word-of-mouth, sharing links — we indies could not do anything without our readers. I really appreciate every single Tweet, link, like, share, and review. Thank you all!

Now, here are some personal recommendations if you’re looking for some great material to read:

Patti Larsen’s first novel in the Hayle Coven series is FREE today! Go download a copy of Family Magic and meet Sydlynn Hayle. She’s a riot.

The much anticipated sequel to Lovers and Beloveds has been released — MeiLin Miranda’s Son in Sorrow is now available not only on Amazon but also at MeiLin’s website, released in a serial format. Excellent reading — she will blow your little brain. She did mine.

If you’re looking for well-written erotica, you can do no better than Fall Into Winter by Eden Baylee. What’s even more exciting is I have it on good authority she’s preparing a second volume for release in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Some of us aren’t missing the Walking Dead, and that’s due in large part to stories like Monsters Unmasked by Lori Whitwam. Fabulous story, set in the universe created by Joshua Guess, Lori shows us a dark and chilling perspective of how something like a zombie apocalypse brings out the worst (and best!) of people. Great read.

Finally, if you are a fan of The Hunger Games, you can’t miss Marooned. P.J. Druce has created an amazing protagonist in Punk Jordan and a story to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

That’s enough to keep you busy for a while, huh? Happy reading!


The Fantasy – Volume One

I’m excited! As a matter of fact, I’m just doing a happy dance all around the living room. I hope nobody’s watching because I probably look a touch insane and I’m fairly certain I’ll never make it on So You Think You Can Dance, because…well, I can’t. I rather look like this:

Only imagine the grasshopper in an epileptic fit.

Anyway, what’s the big deal, you ask? Well, I’ve decided to release some new volumes of fiction as I work on completing the sequel to Athena’s Promise and book two of the Aegian Trilogy, titled “Athena’s Chains”. The first volume is now out and available — The Fantasy – Volume One. It contains three stories from the Not Nice collection, a brand-new and never-before-seen short story, the two flash pieces which inspired the Aegian Trilogy, AND the first chapter of “Athena’s Promise”.

I have four volumes planned in all, The Fantasy being the first. Coming up over the next few weeks you will find:

The Funny
The Horror
The Heart

All will contain a mixture of new and old, and of course, you know they’ll all be twisted, which is why you love me. Heh.

This is what the inside of my brain looks like. Don't tell me you're surprised. (Photo courtesy of

It’s been difficult to find writing time with all the editing projects, but I’m not complaining because I love my job. I’ve been really busy earning a living, but I came to realize if I didn’t start scheduling time to write, it wasn’t going to happen. SO…I’m really happy about making some changes to include writing time for real, and I feel like I’m on the right track.

I have to thank Patti Larsen for the kick in the ass (because I really needed it and the woman kicks HARD!) and the unflagging support of Lori Whitwam, Joseph Paul Haines, and Joshua Guess, all fabulous indie artists in their own right.

I forgot how much fun it was to write and publish. I hope to remedy that on a much more regular basis, and I hope you have as much fun reading as I do writing for you. 🙂

If you like what you read (and even if you don’t!) I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a review on Amazon, or click the “Like” button. I’ll love you anyway if you don’t, but I’ll probably love you long time if you do 🙂 And a million thanks for all the support!!

Available NOW!

And you can find it here!