You Won, YOU WON!

This Creepfest Blog Hop was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I met some outstanding people who do the same thing I do, and I am really grateful to those who chose to come under the Netta Microscope, so to speak. Most notably, I’d like to thank:

Rebecca Treadway, for organizing and herding a bunch of writers (girl, you haz balls of steel!)

You just KNOW it had to feel like this!

Patti Larsen
Marissa Farrar
Stant Litore
Thea Gregory
Jessica McHugh
Lori Whitwam
Katie John
Jack Wallen
Red Tash
Kim Koning

and a special mention to Eden Baylee, the Queen of Twitter.

Much love and many thanks to you all!

You guys ROCK!

Now, on to the winners of my sweeps as chosen by….

The twelve winners of the e-copy of “Athena’s Promise” are:

Kim Koning
Georgina Morales
Jessica McHugh
Marissa Farrar
Nora Peevy
Ash Krafton
Stacey Stiferd
Mary Rajotte
Thea Gregory
Melissa Murphy
Stant Litore
Katie John


Wooohoo! This is FUN!

The winner of the signed print copy of “Athena’s Promise” is…

Marissa Farrar!


Yeee haw!

And finally (and ironically!), the winner of the $20 Amazon gift card is….

Rebecca Treadway!

No, he doesn't come with it, but I though I'd give you some eye candy. Heh!

Congratulations to all winners. Please contact me for your prize and I will send them out ASAP.

Don’t forget, you can still visit the Creepfest Blog Hop page for a complete listing of participating blogs to discover some amazing writers!

Thanks so much for participating, and have a blessed and fun holiday season!



Woohooo! “Athena’s Promise” In Print!

Okay, so the Kindle edition of “Athena’s Promise” has been available since October 28th, right? And it’s gotten some amazing reviews, for which I am very grateful and overjoyed to see.

Athena’s Promise held my interest from the cover page to the end page. Pallas, the central character, rocks!!! ~Denise Battista

This book was funny, sassy, pro-woman, suspenseful, funny, and much more. I just had to find out what was on the next page until it was finished. ~B. Decker

I devoured this book! The heroine is fun, sassy and kick-butt with an attitude that doesn’t quit. The author has a unique voice, full of wit and snap. Her characters and setting are distinctive. ~Laura Eno

Ribken’s writing is very strong, full of snarking sarcasm that made me snort and giggle while tearing my heart out with Pallas’ need to protect the vulnerable ones she calls friends. ~Patti Larsen


But like any true bibliophile, the reality doesn’t hit until I have a physical copy in my hands. To wit:


How pretty is THAT?? I just about peed my britches when the UPS guy pulled up and unloaded. “They’re heavy,” he said.

“Not a problem,” said I, as I toted the box practically one-handed. Okay, it really took two hands, a lot of grunting, and there may have been sweat involved, but work with me here.

So. Excited!

If you want an autographed copy, I still have a few left from the pre-ordering process. You can snag one by following this button right here:

Athena’s Promise Autographed

The price is $11.99 plus S&H, a dollar off the price once it goes live on Amazon. This would make a great Christmas present to the urban fantasy lover on your list!

Probably not as great as this. But close! And a lot cheaper!

The first two chapters and part of the third are available to sample on Amazon if you want an idea of what you’re getting. Go ahead and take a look, and while you’re there, if you like what you read please hit the “Like” button on the page (it helps with rankings so people can find the book). Every little bit helps 🙂

I am so grateful for all the support and the great reception. There’s even a bonus first chapter included of the next in the series, “Athena’s Chains”, which I hope to release in Spring 2012, the gods willing and the creek don’t rise.


You make me so happy! *MUAH*