What I Have Been Up To

What I Have Been Up To

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had any writing news to update. To sum up: It’s been a hell of a year so far.


Earlier this year I participated in the The Short Story Challenge sponsored by NYC Midnight. It was a BLAST. In the second round, I placed first in my group with my story, Dust Baby. Unfortunately, I was eliminated in the final round, but I ain’t mad. I was so proud of Dust Baby I sent it to Tin House for their consideration. It’s still there, awaiting final word.


Then, at the last minute, I decided I’d give NaNoWriMo a whirl. (If you’re interested, I’m Netta50 on NaNo. Let’s buddy up!) I’m working on a novel called Broken Arrows, which has been in my brain for approximately seven years. I’m not much of a plotter, although over the years it seems I have morphed into a pantser/plotter hybrid. I joined a local Facebook group (Yay, STLWriMos!) and in doing so, have learned a lot about my writing process for longer works. The eureka moment came when I started doing writing sprints as opposed to hours banging away at the keys. And by “hours banging away at the keys” I mean staring blankly at a page for hours wondering what the hell I was writing. Or not writing, as it happens.

I hit the sweet spot at 15 minute sprints. The words are flowing! And fifteen minute sprints are easy to fit into busy days when I’m editing other people’s words. I’m thrilled.


Here’s the preliminary blurb:

A warrior, sick from death and destruction, is separated from his company and in the wake of a horrible tragedy, comes upon a strange girl in the forest. She dances upon a bed of broken arrows, feet bleeding. He rescues her only to find he has changed the very fabric of the war devastating the land.

He is faced with an agonizing choice at great personal cost in a life where he has given or lost everything. What does he choose? How can he choose?

The fate of his life, his heart, and his land hangs in the balance.

It’s quite different from anything I’ve attempted before, but so far I don’t hate the story and I’m making progress. I’d call that a win. I have hope that once I finish this novel, I can put my new process to the test and finish off the AEGEAN TRILOGY and Sally Mae’s latest romp. Wheeeee!

Tell me what you’ve been doing!

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