This *IS* Work….Honest

Yes, I should be working; I have a tight deadline to meet this week. However, I am often seduced by the fiction part of my chosen profession (like I chose it, instead of the other way around, that’s so funny!) and so I have a few links to share with you I think you might find useful or amusing.

First of all, a good friend of mine passed along a new market for short fiction. Blue Crow is accepting new submissions, deadline March 15, 2010.

Second, I found an Evil Editor and I’m soooo happy our species is not extinct. Don’t let the sharp humor scare you — there is a lot of excellent information here to which more writers and editors should pay attention. Including myself.

Looking for an agent? This is the blog for you. I might not be ready yet, but I will be soon, and it never hurts to keep an ear to the ground.

And wrapping it up for today, are you writing an online serial novel? Have you thought about taking your writing to the next level? Check out Digital Novelists, an innovative and fabulous community of writers exploring the power of profitably writing fiction for the web. An absolutely stellar bunch of people, and they get my hearty recommendation.

It’s supposed to be Tuesday, but it just feels like Monday dressed up in Tuesday’s cast-offs. The pants are a little too tight, but I’ll just have to make it work. Speaking of work, stop distracting me with shiny things…heh.


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