You Won, YOU WON!

This Creepfest Blog Hop was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I met some outstanding people who do the same thing I do, and I am really grateful to those who chose to come under the Netta Microscope, so to speak. Most notably, I’d like to thank:

Rebecca Treadway, for organizing and herding a bunch of writers (girl, you haz balls of steel!)

You just KNOW it had to feel like this!

Patti Larsen
Marissa Farrar
Stant Litore
Thea Gregory
Jessica McHugh
Lori Whitwam
Katie John
Jack Wallen
Red Tash
Kim Koning

and a special mention to Eden Baylee, the Queen of Twitter.

Much love and many thanks to you all!

You guys ROCK!

Now, on to the winners of my sweeps as chosen by….

The twelve winners of the e-copy of “Athena’s Promise” are:

Kim Koning
Georgina Morales
Jessica McHugh
Marissa Farrar
Nora Peevy
Ash Krafton
Stacey Stiferd
Mary Rajotte
Thea Gregory
Melissa Murphy
Stant Litore
Katie John


Wooohoo! This is FUN!

The winner of the signed print copy of “Athena’s Promise” is…

Marissa Farrar!


Yeee haw!

And finally (and ironically!), the winner of the $20 Amazon gift card is….

Rebecca Treadway!

No, he doesn't come with it, but I though I'd give you some eye candy. Heh!

Congratulations to all winners. Please contact me for your prize and I will send them out ASAP.

Don’t forget, you can still visit the Creepfest Blog Hop page for a complete listing of participating blogs to discover some amazing writers!

Thanks so much for participating, and have a blessed and fun holiday season!



14 thoughts on “You Won, YOU WON!

  1. Wow, Marissa cleaned up! She got my copy of Make or Break, too! 🙂 Marissa, you will LOVE Athena’s Promise, I guarantee, or I’ll refund your purchase price. Oh, wait… free. OK, I’ll buy you a cookie.

  2. Okay, somehow my fingers went nuts and posted too early. As I was saying, I do love to win things but I already bought an e-copy of your book (next on my reading list). Is there any way you can choose someone else so that another person has the opportunity to read your book? I don’t want anyone to miss out!

      • Good! I sent you a facebook message with another suggestion, but you can just disregard that!

        Thanks, and thanks to everyone involved with creepfest. MUAH! backatcha and happy holidays! Love you, girl:)

        Man, i can’t seem to kick my exclamation point habit!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Yay! My mojo and my balls of steel worked! Woohoo! Said prize is going to Indie books and some music.


    So glad you had fun with this, Netta! I did as well and for certain next year is going to ROCK!

    Happy Creepfestmas 😉


    • Man, you should have seen my face when your name popped up at the top of the list! I was like…WHAAAA? That woman has got some serious freakin’ JUJU, baby! Congratulations 🙂

  4. WooHoo!!! I love me some new editions to my Kindle library…especially if it comes in the form of a prize…Thanks Netta! Been a blast hopping with you this time! Hopefully not the last time either! 🙂
    Rock on Creepfest & Merry Christmas! 🙂

    – Kim
    creeping from “Wrestling the Muse”

  5. Wahoo! Heard all great things about you from Patti, and am hoping to have my name on the authors board by this time next year.
    Can’t wait to get my copy of your book!!

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